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Administrative Assignments

Administrative Assistants to the State Deputy


Rudy Escamilla
Email: rudy_242@hotmail.com

Phil Leibowitz
Email: philleibowitz45@aol.com

Per Capita Chairman
Paul  Bettge
Email: pbettge@comcast.net

Per Capita Assistant
Alvin L Springgate
Email: alvin.springgate@yahoo.com

Statistics Chairman
Brad L Meyer
Email: bm4987@sbcglobal.net

Kenneth Trochta
Email: bigguy76@sbcglobal.net

Michael M Buecher
Email: buechmike1998@yahoo.com

Assistant to the State Chaplain
Deacon Frankie D Aguirre
Email: agroof@wcc.net

Fr. McGivney Guild Chairman
John “Jack” Harvey
Email: Harvey_jack@msn.com

Master of the Sword
Peter Soo-GuanTan
Email: petertan@juno.com

Second Responders
Disaster Coordinator

Bob Sumicek
Email: texasemrc@att.net

Regional Coordinator – North 
Paul Fehmel
Email: pfehmel@yahoo.com

Regional Coordinator – South
Joel E Vela
Email: joel.vela49@gmail.com

Disaster Relief Communications
William Michael Hadala Jr
Email: William.hadala@gmail.com

Sunshine Chairwoman
Mary Maresca
Email: mnjmaresca@sbcglobal.net

Prayer Program Coordinator
Patti Bettge

Insurance Liaison
Thomas R Supak
Email: thomas.supak@kofc.org


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