2017 Texas State Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship Information!

Posted Jan 31, 2017
by Mark

1st Saturday,
March 4, 2017
Northeast Independent
School District Area
Barbara Bush Middle School
1500 Evans Road
San Antonio, Texas

Gym Opens: 7:00AM - 1PM
(Practice Warm-up) 7AM - 9:30AM
Registration: 8AM - 10:00AM
Presentation of Colors: 10:00AM
Competition Starts: Immediately
following Presentation of Colors.
Competition Ends: 1:00PM or
1. Make sure a copy of Birth
Certificate is staple to Score Sheet and
turn-in to the Regional Diocesan
Deputy to be sent in to State Free
Throw Chairman.
2. Map and Directions are provided and
for overnight lodging, parents can
make their own hotel reservations.
3. For Questions always contact your
Diocesan Deputy FIRST prior to State
Chairman Victor Quesnot at
Hm: 210-337-6738;

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