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It’s July 1st.  Welcome to a new fraternal year in the Knights of Columbus of the Texas State Council.  July 1st marks the beginning of a new fraternal year.  It is also the first day that we should start our recruitment efforts.  Don’t wait or put it off, start your recruiting, now.  July 1st also means that all counters are set back to zero and we have to start anew.  Good or bad, it is gives us the opportunity to start all over again.  It gives us hope.

We have set some lofty goals and we are going to strive to meet all of them.  One of those goals is to have FUN this fraternal year.  No matter what it is, fun will be a key word.  You should do the same.  Set some goals and have fun going after them. It makes the journey that much easier when you are having fun.


Remember the following,



This will be our battle cry this fraternal year.  Every council should make an effort to bring in one new brother Knight into our order every month. If we follow this, imagine the successes your council can have.  Just imagine. 


Why more members?  For the numbers?  Merely, for numbers? NO.  Yes, we need the numbers, but for what?  It does not matter at what level, we need to grow the Order. At your council level, it could mean more charitable dollars, more hours of community service, more blood donations, more prayers to end abortion, more men becoming better husbands and fathers.  More members mean more men joining our ranks and making a difference in what we believe in.  The possibilities are endless.


The membership committee will have some great incentive awards for membership recruitment. Among other things, Caribbean Cruises for members and their wives.  Besides the cruises, there will be other contests during the year.  As an example, one of the awards is that the highest recruiter for the year will earn himself and his wife a Caribbean Cruise with the State Deputy.  What an incentive to go out and recruit.  But, you cannot win if you do not recruit.   Keep abreast of all of the contests being held, there will be plenty of chances to win.  We will try to use all avenues we have available to get the word out.  Contact your Diocesan or District Deputy or visit the state website at for details. 


Good Luck this fraternal year, and remember; One Member Per Council Per Month.

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