Area 20 - San Antonio Spotlight Henry Gonzales

Area 20 would like to spotlight Henry Gonzales. Read More

Organization Meeting 2016

The Organizational Meeting of the District Deputies was held in Dallas this past weekend and the photos are available! Read More

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Honor the Guardians of Freedom Who Serve Our Nation

By Tony Slagle, Texas State Council Historian

Ask anybody to name a service organization founded to provide morale and recreation services to our troops at home and abroad, and the common answer will be the U.S.O. Read More

The Guardians of Freedom

By Jack Gunn, Membership Director

By Reggie Vasquez: A Serviceman/Servicewoman solemnly swears or affirms to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and that they will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; the enlisted ranks further promise to obey the orders of the President and the officers appointed over them and to abide by a Uniform Code of Military justice. Read More

Texas Knights of Columbus Photos on Flickr


Welcome to the Texas State Council

In the past decade Texas membership has grown to 105,356 Knights and their families. The Order overall continues to grow and build upon its rich tradition of charitable work and spiritual formation. Various new charitable initiatives, as well as ongoing partnerships with organizations such as Special Olympics, have given Knights countless opportunities to practice what John Paul II called “a charity which evangelizes.” Read More

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