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Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession

Posted Jun 25, 2014
by Mark

AUSTIN—Saint Mary Cathedral hosted its annual Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession on Sunday. For the first time ever, the church brought the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction into the Texas State Capitol.

"This is called the Feast of Corpus Christi, and this is the day we celebrate the belief we have of Jesus truly present with us right here, right now. He walked the Earth 2,000 years ago, but he didn't leave us alone, he walks with us every single day," said Joan Maroney.

The historic Eucharistic Procession began at Saint Mary Cathedral on 10th Street in downtown Austin, then made its way to the Capitol Rotunda. The church held a mass prior to the procession Sunday morning. Hundreds of parishioners filled the streets in a solemn, emotional walk.

"It's sort of a recognition in the importance in the role we play in the community various charitable and activities we are involved in," said Blake Krass.

Saint Mary Cathedral is part of the Catholic Diocese of Austin. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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