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Fort Worth Agency Supports the Local Men’s Conference

Posted May 09, 2017
by Mark

On May 22nd, 2017 the Knights of Columbus Fort Worth Agency sponsored and supported the 2017 North Texas Men’s Conference.

Through their sponsorship they were able to bring in great speakers like Fr Dwight Longendecker and Dea Harold.  They did a fantastic job, great motivating and inspiring messages! 

The agency and the Field Agents help many guys take the first step to join our great Order, signing up many guys!  Passed out a lot of great information to all the Catholic Brothers that attended.  The men that put this conference on did a top notch job and the Fort Worth Agency looks to be an even bigger role next year! 

Below is a pic of the day:

Left to Right: Chris Stark, FICF General Agent, Andrew Tice, Eddy Patterson, Steve Kouba, Bob Hoholick and Brian DesCamps, all Field Agents with the Order!

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