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FATHER RIGOBERT POLANG - former pastor, Council 2785 - Rio Hondo

Posted Aug 08, 2017
by pbettge

For those who do not know Father Rigobert Poulang, he is the immediate former pastor at Saint Helen's Church in Rio Hondo, and former Council Chaplain for Keralum Council 2785, Harlingen. I want to share with you a request for prayer from Father Rigobert Poulang, as he spoke directly to the congregation after mass. As most of us know, he moved back to Africa a little over a year ago. As he is loved by his parishioners here at Saint Helen's, he is also loved in his parish in Africa. The Bishop in Africa has reassigned him after a short year at his parish, creating an uproar of the people. So upset they they wrote a letter to the Archdiocese as a form of petition opposing the assignment to move him. All this while he is here in United States. The parish where he is being assigned to, is in a dangerous territory. Where a Bishop had gone missing, later to be found dead. The Archbishop believes that Father Rigo is conspiring to take his position, which is impossible because only a previous Bishop can become Archbishop. Father Rigo sincerely asks for everyone's prayers for him, as he is afraid for his life. He leaves Wednesday back to Africa where he will begin his new assignment.

Please keep a special prayer for Father Rigo, Bishops and Priests to keep them safe,and to continue their journey in teaching the word of The Lord.

Submitted by:  Haroldo Rodriguez, Faithful Navigator, Bishop Ledviña Assembly 1090

O God of all the nations, the One God who is and was and always will be, in your providence you willed that your Church be united to the suffering of your Son.  Look with mercy on your servants who are persecuted for their faith in you.  Grant them perseverance and courage to be worthy imitators of Christ.  Bring your wisdom upon leaders of nations to work for peace among all peoples.  May your Spirit open conversion for those who contradict your will, that we may live in harmony.  Give us the grace to be united in truth and freedom, and to always seek your will in our lives. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

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