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SK JOSEPH MELINO, DD168, Council 4779, Port Isabel

Posted Jul 09, 2014
by Agnes Sullivan

Submitted July 6, 2014 by SK Thomas W. "Tom" Oaks, Brownsville Diocesan Deputy
        Prayers are URGENTLY requested for District Deputy 168 Joseph Melino, Council 4779, Port Isabel.  His Warden reports that Brother Joseph has been hospitalized in Brownsville with a Stroke.  No further details are available at this time.
        SK Tom Oaks just got back  from visiting Joe Melino at the Hospital in Brownsville.  He arrived at the hospital within two and one-half hours of being stricken by his stroke.  A Neurologist was at the ER when he arrived at Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville and began his treatment right away.  The medications he was given began to counteract the effects of the stroke right away.  By 6:30 pm or so, he was able to raise his arms almost straight up, same for his legs.  He was still in the ER when I left, waiting for a room in the ICU. 
        Joe is in good spirits as is his wife Marilyn.  Prognosis is good at this time.  We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet together for his healing and peace and for the benefit of his family and friends, as well as for his medical team.
        UPDATE on JOE MELINO provided July 9, 2014 by District Warden Bernie Stein:  "Brothers, Marilyn Melino called last evening to report the Joe was now at home. She said he is very tired but in good spirits. Thank God for modern medicine that reversed the effects of the stroke.  Bernie Stein"
        Dear Father, ever present with JOE MELINO, we thank You for this precious man of Your's and for already starting the healing process.  Trusting in Your healing power, we see JOE healed in mind, body and spirit walking through the fields and being as active as before.  Mary, Mother, Queen of Peace, all you angels and saints, please help JOE.  For all of this we give You our praise and thanksgiving as we pray in Jesus name.  Amen.

     Let us pray for JOE'S healing; pray for his wife Marilyn; pray for his family.
Your Friend in Christ,
Agnes Sullivan
Prayer Group Coordinator for the Knights of Columbus Texas State Council

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