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+ SK ROGER ST. CYR - El Paso

Posted Apr 12, 2017
by pbettge

Please pray for the peaceful repose pf the soul of SK Roger St. Cyr who has passed from this life. Come to meet him, Angels of the LORD! Receive his soul and present him to GOD the Most High.  May CHRIST, who called you, take you to Himself; may the  angels lead you to Abraham's side. Receive his soul and present him to GOD the Most High. Give Him Eternal rest, O LORD, and may Your Light shine upon him forever. Receive his soul and present him to GOD the Most High.

LET US PRAY: We commend our SK Roger St. Cyr to you, LORD. Now that he has passed from his Life, may he lives on in Your presence. In Your Mercy and Love, forgive whatever sins he may have committed through human weakness. We ask this through Christ Our LORD.     Amen

Submitted by:  Brother Knight Rubio and Lecturer ofCouncil #4497 and Parishioner of the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church


GOD, we saw our Brother Knight getting tired and Your cure was not to be, so You put Your arm around our Brother Knight and whispered, "COME TO ME".

With our tearful eyes we watched and saw our Brother Knight pass away, and although we loved him dearly we could not...make our Brother Knight stay.

A Golden Heart has stopped beating,  hard working hands at rest. GOD..You broke our hearts, but You proved to us...that You only take the best; Our Brother Knight we have loved and will be missed. Amen

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