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The Membership Reporting role is to ensure all of us have the information we need to monitor membership and insurance results throughout the state, whether it be at the State, Diocese or District level.  We are planning on a weekly and monthly report which will be available on the state website.  Diocesan and District Deputies should familiarize themselves with these reports as they become available as our intent is to contact each District quarterly to see how you are doing.  Thanks in advance Brad for keeping us informed!

The Texas State Council membership goal for this fraternal year is 5,050.  It is distributed among the Dioceses as follows: (Page 23, Star Guide)

The All Council Active program is designed to encourage all councils to recruit at least one new member during the fraternal year. Successful councils (a) have a recruitment program throughout the fraternal year, (b) utilize Supreme and State Council resources and materials (many of them free), and (c) schedule, host, and conduct First Degree ceremonies. All Grand Knights are encouraged to strive towards attaining Council (recruitment) Active status during their term in office.  If every Grand Knight would take into consideration our mantra, ONE MEMBER, PER COUNCIL, PER MONTH, this could easily be achieved.
Check List for Effective Recruitment
1. Appoint a Membership Director.
2. Organize a Membership Committee.
3. Develop a Recruitment Action Plan.
4. Build a Prospect List and communicate frequently with each prospect on the list via email and social media.
5. Order Supreme Council Recruitment materials and videos.
6. Involve the Pastor with pulpit announcements.
7. Schedule a “Recruitment Sunday” or an “Open House”.
8. Invite the Field Agent to explain the fraternal benefits of the Order.
An area of opportunity for us this Fraternal Year is to improve the number of Councils who are recruiting active.  As of June first, there are 255 Councils that have not recruited one new member (many of these councils are suspended).  This is concerning because new members bring vitality, new perspective and the ability for our Councils to grow and thrive over the long term.  DD’s can expect to discuss this situation with the Membership Outreach Team during the first quarter.  Here are our goals for the year and they are consistent the last fraternal year.


2017-2018 Star Guide

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