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Building Our Future

BUILDING OUR FUTURE – Luke Stuckey, Chairman

Expanding the appeal of the Knights to younger Catholic gentlemen will not occur without increased attention on all of our parts. Brother Luke’s role will be to look at what programs we offer and how we reach out to younger men to make them aware of what the Knights have to offer them, to increase our recruitment of younger members and to ensure we get them involved as active participants in a Council or activity which is appealing to that age demographic.  If you have suggestions or observations on things you are aware of which have brought younger members into Councils in Texas, please bring them to Luke’s attention.  His contact information is in the State Directory.

Our Membership Outreach Team is composed of the following seven Brother Knights throughout Texas.  They are assigned to groups of Councils that are aligned by General Agents.  These Brother Knights will serve in two primary capacities this Fraternal Year.  First, they will be assisting the Retention Chairman Ed Glisky with the review and investigation of proposed drops.  Secondly, they will be contacting each DD in their territories once per quarter to have a brief discussion on how things are going.  These conversations will be structured so that we will be able to analyze and interpret the results of these conversations.  Our goal is to learn, adapt and tweak what we are doing to provide better support to DD’s and our recruiting 

Territory (Insurance GA)    Outreach Team
Joseph Hernandez (BRO/CRC)    James Torline
Richard Lesak (AGH / VCT)    Robert Alcala
Steve Michlik (ASA / LRD)    John Daly
Michael Payne (AMR / LBK / ELP / SAG)    Robert Hernandez
Tony Rangel (AGH/BMT)    Fred Guillory
John Regan (DFW / TLR)    Dennis Helgeson
Tom Supak (AUS / VCT)    Jack Ferguson


2017-2018 Star Guide

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