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Cardinal Medeiros Fund

Rich Butler, Chairman

The Cardinal Medeiros Trust Fund was established in 1981 and incorporated into the Texas State Council Charities Program. Humberto Cardinal Medeiros was the Bishop of Brownsville Texas from 1966 until 1970. He served as the Texas State Council Chaplain 1969-1970. He was named the Archbishop of Boston on September 8, 1970 and created a Cardinal on March 5, 1973.

The Cardinal Medeiros Fellow Program was started in 1998 to increase the principal in the trust fund. The interest earned is used to exclusively fund our educational grants. An increase in the interest income facilitates and permits additional educational grants. 

A Cardinal Medeiros Fellow may be ordered for a Knight of Columbus or a Knight’s wife. Additionally, it may be ordered in memory of a deceased Knight or a deceased Knight’s wife. This is a marvelous way to honor an individual while at the same time providing a gift that keeps on giving through scholarship grants. With a contribution of $1000, the honoree is awarded a plaque and a lapel pin and their name is engraved on the Honor Roll at State Office. The Honor Roll is displayed each year at the State Convention.

The Cardinal Medeiros Sustaining Member Program was established to allow greater participation. The entry level into this program is $ 100.00 with the balance payable in installments. An attractive lapel pin designates the contributor as a Sustaining Member. The Fellow is awarded when the full $1000 contribution is completed.

To become a Medeiros Fellow Sustaining Member, visit the Texas State Council website:, and follow the application instructions.





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