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CEREMONIALS - Phillip E. Apgar, Chairman

“Recruiters recruit to degrees” – a point made by Supreme in sessions attended by our Membership Director. We strongly encourage each District Deputy to either schedule and host one First Degree each month in his District, or participate in a Degree hosted nearby. Each District should be recruitment active every month. If every District was recruitment active with an average of three per District each month, Texas would absolutely have IT’s BEST YEAR YET! This is important from a recruiting perspective, also to provide Councils nearby ample opportunity to bring their candidates to degrees as soon as possible after their Form 100 applications are approved by their Councils. Please ensure candidates are escorted to a degree, that the escort has the candidates properly completed Form 100, that their dues have been paid and bring the First Degree Kit for the Candidate. Unescorted candidates put the Degree Teams in a very uncomfortable spot when we are trying to be welcoming to new members but none of the necessary paperwork is complete and no one is available who knows the candidate.

First Degree Honorees
When conducting First Degrees, the exemplification should be dedicated in honor or in memory of our clergy. The following recommendations are:
• July and August - Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney
• September and October - Supreme Chaplain
• November and December - Council Chaplain
• January and February - Parish Pastors and All Clergy
• March and April - Pope Francis
• May and June – Bishops

Major Degree Request
1. Contact the Captain of the Major Degree Team that you prefer to conduct the degree, and mutually agree on an acceptable date. If necessary in your Diocese, get the approval of the Diocesan Deputy prior to contacting the Captain of the Major Degree team.
2. Contact the Grand Knight of the council that will host the Major Degree and be sure the facilities are adequate to host a Major Degree. Also make sure that the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary of the council is aware of the cost of the Major Degree. The Captain of the Degree Team should verify the team expense prior to the actual exemplification.
3. Fill out a Major Degree Request Form and mail it to Ceremonials Chairman Phil Apgar, 2908 Stanford Drive, Flower Mound, TX 75022, or scan a completed form and attach it to an email and email it to .
4. If necessary, contact the Ceremonials Chairman for assistance when filling out the Major Degree Request Form.
5. A sample of a completed Major Degree Request Form is available upon request from the Ceremonials Chairman.
6. Candidates must be identified with a ribbon or self-adhesive nametag. Third Degree members are not permitted to mingle with the candidates at any time prior or during the degrees.
7. For an exemplification that requires the Major Degree Team to stay overnight, the host District Deputy and the host Council are responsible for the team’s supper during the evening prior to the day of the Major, breakfast on the day of the Major Degree, and a meal following the Major Degree.
8. Contact the Conferring Officer approximately two weeks before a Major Degree with questions or needed directions.
9. Contact the Degree Team Captain for questions or needed directions.
10. Invite the local Color Corps in full regalia to participate in the Mass prior to the Major Degree.
11. Complete and submit Form 450-NC to the State Council Ceremonials Chairman Phil Apgar and to the Supreme Council Ceremonials Director, or scan a completed form and attach it to an email and email it to with a copy to
12. Each council will need to order a “Membership Medallion” for each of their candidates. (Supreme#30630 for English, Supreme #30632 for Spanish)

District Deputy Things To Do:
• Ensure you and your Councils know how a Form 100 is to be properly completed
• Attend any Admission Degree hosted by a Council in your District
• Take pictures with a smart phone application such as Office Lens and personally submit the Form 100’s to Supreme (ensure degree date is completed) – this ensures all forms are submitted timely – this is the only time all forms from a degree are in one place
• Complete and Submit a form 450 for each Admission Degree performed in your District
• Ensure Council FS reconciles and tracks all form 100’s sent to supreme to their roster
• Report all Form 100’s sent to Supreme to Tracking Chairman Tony Fontanelli
• This is the only way we can track what was submitted to Supreme, when it was submitted and when Supreme processed it
• Inform Councils as part of your report of upcoming Admission Degrees, Formation and Knighthood Degrees
• If Admission Degrees are not readily available, ask your Councils to support formation of a Council or District Admission Degree team
Grand Knight Things To Do:
• Ensure that Form 100’s are properly and fully completed
• Ensure that all candidates are escorted to their Admission, Formation and Knighthood Degrees
• Ensure that each candidate sent to an Admission Degree is sent with an escort, the Admission Degree kit and a properly completed Form 100
• If your Council hosts Degrees and you have no candidates, do not cancel the Degree as other Councils may not notify you they are sending candidates
• If you are sending candidates to an Admission Degree hosted by another Council, please notify them or your DD you are sending candidates so he can inform the Host DD and Council can be informed.


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