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Education, Training & Communications Director Message

ETC Director, Chris Johnson

The Texas State Education, Training, and Communications Team was established to improve the knowledge and understanding of the leadership and members of our Order in Texas. We plan to accomplish this through well thought out and designed training programs available to every member via the Texas State Website, Flocknote, Facebook page, and various Social Media platforms such as Twitter, and Instagram. The primary focus of the training will be District Deputies, Grand Knights, and Financial Secretaries. 

Communications will be tailored to fit the platform most suited to the message. We promise to provide information required to successfully and efficiently conduct the business of the State Council, Diocese and Districts, as well as the individual councils. 

Financial Secretary / Comptroller Training
The ETC team’s goal is to provide at least one Financial Secretary class in each diocese during the fraternal year. The classes are coordinated with the Diocesan Deputy for that diocese. The Financial Secretary (FS) classes are open to all members, current Council Officers, Assembly Officers, and District Deputies. All are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend. The FS training includes the responsibilities of the Financial Secretary and practical advice on providing the best service to Councils and Assemblies. The usage of the online software for maintaining Council records, council setup, the billing cycle and membership cards is covered in the class. Additional topics include Member Retention, the 990 Tax form, and Council Liability insurance.
Web Page, Facebook Page, and Digital Texas Knight
The communications team is always looking for articles promoting the activities of Knights of Columbus throughout our State. Every member and council is asked to share worthy news with all Brother Knights in the State. Your articles including pictures are needed to have successful publications. Everyone is asked to attend your local Council, District, or Diocesan events, take a couple of digital photos, write a short story and submit it for publication. We publish everything that we can, so if you don’t see it in the current issue, look for it in the next issue. 

Requirements: Typed articles are appreciated. Photos should be sharp and captioned. Emailed articles and photos are also appreciated.
Deadlines for Texas Knight:
August 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
February 1, 2018
May 1, 2018

Address for Articles and Photos
Mark Johnson
Editor / Webmaster Texas K of C Publications
707 Harbor Drive
Georgetown, TX 78633

Social Media
The Texas State Council of the Knights of Columbus currently has a presence on the following digital media:
Internet –
Flickr page –
Facebook page –

Communications Awards
Council Communication Award – The first, second and third best articles submitted for publication to the Texas State Education, Training, & Communications (ETC) Team. This will be judged by the Major Directors and the webmaster.

Submission of all forms to the State Office:
Councils and District Deputies should submit all forms via email. 
Councils should copy all forms to their District Deputy. 
Forms NOT requiring the State Deputy’s Signature (185- Officers elected, the 365 - Service Program Personnel Report, Semiannual Council Audits, etc.) should be emailed to .
Forms REQUIRING the State Deputy’s Signature (133 - Notice of Intent to Establish a Council, 1938 - Evaluation of Financial Secretary, etc.) should be emailed to .


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