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Community Activities

Chairman: Thomas W. Oaks 

Every community has its unique needs. For the Knights of Columbus, whose first principle is charity, finding ways to help those in need in their communities is a mission its members embrace. Through their good works, whether it be bringing food to the hungry, warm coats to those who are cold, wheelchairs to those who can’t walk, or any of the many programs conducted to help those in need, the Knights of Columbus practices a charity that evangelizes.  
• World Day of Prayer – Annual Prayer for Peace on September 11th
• Red, White, and Blue Masses - planned jointly with the Fourth Degree to recognize the contributions of Judges and Lawyers, Health Care Professionals, and First Responders respectively
• Green Mass – For Veterans and Military – planned jointly with the Catholic War Veterans and the Fourth Degree
• New State Wide Initiatives - promoted jointly with the Fourth Degree


2017-2018 Star Guide

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