Program Manual

Council Activities

Jesse Aguilar, Council Chairman

Council activities should focus on building unity and fraternity within the council.  They should also highlight the achievements of the Council to the parish and the community.  
Founder’s Day – March 29, 1882 was the birthday of the Knights of Columbus.  Councils throughout the Order are urged to observe this day – among their own members and with the community at large – as a reminder of what the Knights of Columbus has accomplished in the past years, the ideals of the Order, and their own local achievements.

Newsletter – Keep your Brother Knights who cannot attend meetings informed as to happenings in the Council.  This is also a great way to advertise to the rest of the parish.

Athletics – The Texas State Council is proud to announce that we have three outstanding opportunities for our Brother Knights to showcase their athletic prowess.  These tournaments allow us to come together in the spirit of fraternal competition and socialize with brothers from across the State.

Golf – The golf tournament is in Glen Rose again this year, August 26-28.  Featuring rolling hills and a beautiful creek flowing through the course, the 36 holes at the Squaw Valley Golf Club are sure to entertain. 

Bowling – This year’s tournament will be at Westgate Lanes in Austin in April.  The dates are still TBD because of Easter weekend.

Softball – Our brothers in Schulenburg are hosting the softball tournament.  The dates are TBD, but it will be posted on once set.

Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian non-profit organization, working in partnership with God’s people in need to build simple, decent, and affordable homes.  Families chosen for homes usually have a total income of 25-60% of the area median income.  Applicants are chosen based on need, ability to pay a 0% interest loan, and their willingness to partner with others.  Many families will spend up to 300 hours in sweat equity building their own homes and homes of their neighbors.  Funding comes only from donations from faith community corporations, foundations, community organizations, and individuals.  Every build needs skilled volunteers as well as people willing to work.   


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