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The reactivation process for a dormant council is basically the same as for a new council except for some potential barriers that might arise. Many times the barriers that arise are what caused the council to go dormant to begin with. If these are not addressed and resolved early, there is a strong likelihood that the council will fail again! This is why a more cautious approach may be necessary in the reactivation process. The first step is to meet with the Pastor and some committed Knights in the area to determine the prospects for reactivating the Council. Next is to obtain a council roster and contact members of the dormant council to determine if they want to remain in the reactivated council as active members. It is essential that everyone involved in the reactivation effort work as a TEAM to help make the reactivation of the council a success.

The steps for Reactivation and procedures are as follows:
1. Meet with Pastor
2. Notify the State Deputy of your intent
3. Conduct a Church membership drive
4. Conduct an informational meeting
5. Hold election of officers (Form 185)
6. Appoint a Financial Secretary (Forms FS 101 and FS 103)
7. Help select Directors (Form 365)
8. Mail all Form 100’s to Supreme
9. Ask for forgiveness of debt

The roster must have 20 members to complete the reactivation process. Steps 5, 6 and 7 must be completed by submitting Form 185, Form 365 and the appointment of the Financial Secretary by submitting FS 101 and FS 103. Not completing the noted forms will nullify the reactivation process.

Links to Council Reactivation Forms:
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