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Faithful Citizen Program

Roger Ibarra, Jr. - Committeeman

The Faithful Citizen Program is new to the Texas State Council this year. It is a way for an individual Knight or family member to earn a Faithful Citizen Badge by participating in five or more public Veteran or Civic events within one year. Our goal as Knights and Catholic families is to provide even more support to our Veterans and publicly show our Civic involvement in our communities and parishes. As you read over the example of events that qualify for the FCB, you will see that our Assemblies, Councils, and Knights are already involved in many of these activities. Our families are also faithful participants as well. A secondary goal is getting the Assemblies and Councils to work on the events together. It is an excellent opportunity for the Assemblies to recruit members into the 4th Degree. 
Examples of Faithful Citizenship activities that qualify for the badge are in two categories: Civic events, and Veteran events. Any combination of 5 events will earn the Faithful Citizen Badge.
Veteran Support Activities

By sponsoring or volunteering for VAVS program at a VA facility, National Cemetery, TSVH or TSVC.
A Council or Assembly can partner with or adopt a Catholic War Veteran Post and have 2 joint events on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Participating in Memorial Day Mass and events planned for the day. Also participating in Veterans Day Parade and other planned events, such as the placing of wreaths or flags.
By sponsoring a Green Mass for veterans and military members including a reception or dinner afterwards.
By giving financial support to specific programs: Archdiocese Military Services, Frontline Faith Project or Military Chaplain Scholarship Fund.
Civic Life Support Activities
Volunteer for or conduct a non-partisan Voter Registration Drive or Get Out the Vote drives.
Volunteer as a voting or poll site worker in the 2016 elections.
Become a sponsor or participate in a public event in support of religious liberty such as a rally and or march.
Become a Blood Donor. 
Register as an Organ Donor (listed on your TXDL).
Volunteer to Host or Organize a Blood Drive.
Volunteer to Develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan or Response Program.
Sponsor or organize a Blue Mass for our first responders; the Police, Fire and Emergency personnel, including a reception or dinner.
By giving financial support to Catholic Charities or St. Vincent de Paul.
For more information on Veterans Affairs contact Tido Peralez at:
For more information on voting or voting drives contact Terry Fruge at:
To find more information and the application for the Faithful Citizen Badge go to the State website:


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