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Family Activities

Family Activities
Chairman, Richard Delgado Jr.

Our Order was founded on principles of supporting our families and it is now more important than ever to follow that lead. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis said “All families need God. Every single one. We need His help, His strength, His blessing, His mercy and His forgiveness. It takes simplicity. To pray as a family, simplicity is needed.” 
Our families are the compass that guides our daily lives and are there when we succeed but also there to comfort us when we fail. They are the backbone of our communities and our Order. As Knights of Columbus we should be doing everything possible to create an environment in our councils for families to thrive both young and old. It is our duty passed down by generations of Knights to care for those families who are in need of assistance, and we should be recognizing those families who provide good examples of how to live out our faith. Fortunately, there are several programs designed to aid us in reaching our goals of supporting and highlighting our families. Let’s all strive to do more for our families which will strengthen our councils while we build up our Domestic Churches. 

Family of the Month
The Family of the Month program is an easy way to acknowledge a family in your council. The form is due on the 15th of the month. Each month, Supreme will choose 100 families from local councils’ submissions to receive a Holy Family icon. Form 1993A
Family of the Year
Any family is eligible for this prestigious honor. The award is given to one family at the annual state convention. To be considered, applications must be sent to Programs Director and received by March 1. This is a paper only submission. Please provide significant documentation, pictures, newspaper articles, and such to support your nomination.
Food for Families
The Food for Families program rewards those councils that raise funds or large amounts of food for local food pantries. For every $500 or 1000 pounds of food donated through the council, Supreme will refund $100 to the council. Form 10057
Holy Prayer Program
This program features an image of the Holy Family. The Holy Family Prayer Program is the 17th Marian Prayer Program sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, beginning with the first program  honoring Mary under her title of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1979.
Father’s Day Renewal of Wedding Vows
Father’s Day is an important time to celebrate the role of fatherhood within the Christian family and is the ideal day to host a Renewal of Wedding Vows. Annually sponsoring this event on the third Sunday of June will serve to make your council visible to the parish community and show your member’s support for all fathers and husbands. 
Consecration to the Holy Family
Families today face many struggles, both through cultural pressure and through the personal struggles that accompany family life. Despite these struggles — and partly as a result of conquering them — families have great capacity for love and joy, a joy that is strengthened through the peace and truth found in Christ. To help families live out this joy of Christ, Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori has composed a new prayer through which families may come together to consecrate themselves under the protection of the Holy Family.


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