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Football Sweepstakes 2017


The State Per Capita charges to the councils for each member has remained the same for over 25 years. The Budget passed at the 2017 State Convention did not change this for the coming fraternal year so the Texas State Council is counting on this program to fill the gap in the operational funds needed.

 How it works. For only $10, the purchaser, who must be at least 18 years of age, receives a Discount Coupon along with a FREE Pro Football Game Card. This coupon gives the buyer access to a website that will have numerous discounts good towards online and in store purchases. These offers include food, sporting goods, clothes, etc. is also a featured vendor. With these services, the buyer can easily recoup the cost of the Coupon and much more!
 Each Football Game Card has 4 different pro football teams pre-selected each week, for 10 weeks of games starting Oct. 29, 2017 and ending Dec.31, 2017. You do not have the same 4 teams for the whole series. Each game card has 10 chances to win every week, giving you 100 chances overall to score some cash! To determine winners, the scores for the teams listed on your card for that particular week are totaled and compared to the scores of the other tickets sold. The card with the highest total points wins $400. The top 8 cards win with second through eighth place receiving lesser amounts. If the teams on your card didn’t do well at all, perhaps forgetting to come out of the locker room, the lowest scoring card receives $60 with the second lowest card snagging $40. We are continuing with having a GRAND PRIZE this year! The game card with the highest total points scored for the entire 10 weeks will win $1,000!
 You can follow the results each week online by going to the TKOFC.ORG website and clicking on the Football Frenzy Icon on the right side of the page. This will take you to the game provider’s web site where you can see how your game card ranks against the others. If your card is a winner, there is nothing you need do. Players receive their winnings automatically from the State Office. Checks will normally be in the mail by the end of each week. If you should happen to lose your game card, no problem, the check will still be in the mail!

 There are incentives listed below for the councils to sell these coupons, so get in the game. Together we can fill that gap in the budget for our State Officers who serve the great state of Texas!


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