Program Manual

Infirmed Priests Fund (License Plates)

Rich Butler, Chairman

Displaying a K of C License plate proudly proclaims that you are a Knight, a Catholic, and that America is “One Nation Under God”! What better statement could you make to those that see your vehicle on the road?   By purchasing or renewing a K of C license plate, you have an opportunity to take care of our Infirmed Priests. The price of the license plate is $30.00 annually. However $22.00 of that is returned to the TX State Council for the Infirmed Priest Fund. This fund is then distributed equally to the fifteen dioceses in Texas.

These plates may be purchased for automobiles or trucks and are available with the handicap logo.  Personalized plates are available for an additional $40 annually.
If you have a K of C license plate on your car, thank you for your support! If you do not, when are you going to order yours?  Go to


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