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Membership development is the most important element of a successful council. A well-crafted membership development strategy is essential for your council to operate efficiently and to serve others in the areas of Church, community, council, family and youth. Membership in the Knights of Columbus must provide value for the members’ time, energy through programs and activities, and annual dues while offering spiritual development for him and his family.
More than simply a Blitz, membership recruitment should be a crusade during the 2017-2018 Fraternal Year in which the quest of every Grand Knight and Membership Director in Texas will be to bring every eligible Catholic gentleman and his family into the Knights of Columbus.

All Knights of Columbus councils should be “membership recruitment active” year round and with well-developed plans for bringing eligible Catholic men into the Order on a monthly and quarterly basis. We want to recruit new Brother Knights into our councils 365 days a year. Every Council activity is an opportunity to recruit – be observant of practical Catholic gentlemen who are participating in your events and invite them to join. It is the duty of every member, not just the Membership Director, to be speaking to our Catholic brothers and inform them of what we do. But, there are other methods.

A coordinated Church Recruitment Drive is an all-out effort to maximize your membership teams' efforts by canvassing an entire parish one weekend, gathering the names of prospective new members for follow-up. This can be accomplished either through a dedicated Knights of Columbus Recruitment Drive or through a Parish Ministry Fair at which the Knights participate along with other groups in the parish to recruit new members into each Parish Ministry. Check with the Pastor to see which he prefers.
The Preparation Phase
• Obtain the pastor’s permission to conduct a Recruitment Drive at the church during a specific weekend. These weekends should be scheduled early in the fraternal year so you can get on the church calendar. If agreeable to the Pastor send a “Father Wants You” letter to selected targeted Parishioners who would make good Knights.
• Advertise the event weekly in the parish bulletin building up to when it is held.
• Order recruitment materials from the Supreme Council Supply Department (allow four to five weeks for delivery). Use the Church Recruitment Kit Order Form when ordering materials.
• Inform the insurance representatives about the dates of the recruitment drive so a Field Agent can be present at the drive to explain the fraternal benefits of the Order to prospects and their wives.
• If the Council sponsors a Columbian Squires Circle invite the Squires to participate in the recruitment drive with the Knights. If their fathers are not Knights, they are excellent candidates.
The Execution Phase
• Set up informational tables at every door of the church. Have plenty of prospect cards and pens on hand to distribute to each man as he enters the church.
• Arrange for a membership recruitment announcement to be made during Mass by the priest endorsing the council.
• Display photos of successful Council events and charitable, church, and community service awards the Council has been awarded.
• Have brother Knights on hand to answer questions and to collect prospect referral cards or names and contact information as men leave the church with their families. Ensure that a phone number and email address are obtained for each prospect for ready communication about upcoming Council activities and follow-ups.
The Follow-Up Phase
• Personal contact must be made with every prospect within 48 HOURS.
• Inform each prospect and his family of the date, time and location for the informational seminar, and invite them.
• Offer transportation if necessary.
The Orientation Phase
• Order recruitment brochures about the Order for prospects and their families to read.
• Request that your council’s chaplain start the event with a prayer and some words about the Order and its mission.
• Consider showing one of the recruitment videos available from the Supreme Council Supply Department.
• Make the requirements for membership known to those assembled.
• Ensure that a Field Agent is in attendance to explain the fraternal benefits of the Order.
• Offer each prospect a Membership Document (#100) to fill out before the event’s conclusion. If the prospect declines to fill out a form 100 or isn’t interested at this time, have him complete a Prospect Card including telephone and email information so the Council can keep in touch with him and invite him and his family to future activities.
• Have brother Knights on hand to assist prospects in completing these forms.
• Conclude the event with some light refreshments.
• Inform the candidates of the date of the First Degree.
The Admission Degree (First Degree)
• Schedule a First Degree no more than two weeks after your informational session.
• Contact the candidates to remind them of the degree date.
• Ensure they have an escort (proposer) and transportation to the location of the Admissions Degree.
• Order degree certificates from the Supreme Council Supply Department as a fitting way to recognize your new brother Knights.
• Make the new member feel immediately welcome by pre-ordering his member badge and a Knight’s Lady badge for his wife. Present these, along with an Emblem of the Order sticker for his car, at the conclusion of the degree.
• Don’t let the new members leave the degree without getting them involved and explaining the Shining Armor Award program.
• District Deputies are responsible for taking a picture of each completed form 100 following the degree and submitting them, along with the Form 450 from the degree, to Supreme at to ensure processing the next day. A copy of each should also be sent to Membership Tracking Chairman Tony Fontanelli at, and the form 450 should also be copied to or Ceremonials Chairman, Phil Apgar –
• Form 100 tracking will be expanded to include snapshots of the candidate lists (Android or Apple app Office Lens) to ensure timely processing of new member form 100s and accurate tracking of recruiters for the Texas Rangers Recruitment Pin Program.
18 Year Old Recruitment
During the 2017-2018 fraternal year, 18 year-old recruitment will be two additional areas of emphasis for us. These include recruitment of 18 year old Columbian Squires and graduating high school Seniors. 
On a monthly basis, every Diocesan Deputy will receive from the membership team a listing of eligible Columbian Squires who will attain 18 years of age during a particular month. We will also monitor whether the young man became a KC member or not. 
It is highly recommended that each Council initiate a “Graduating Senior Referral Program” whereby the contact information for each graduating Catholic Senior gentleman is provided to the DD and the Membership Team. We will work to ensure the College Grand Knight at the college or university he will be attending will receive his information, as well as providing the graduating Senior the contact information for the GK on campus. Implementation of this program not only increases membership in the Knights of Columbus but also increases exponentially the chances of these young men remaining in the Faith during their college years and beyond. Names of Seniors should be provided to Tony Fontanelli as this program rolls out.
Please contact me should you require any assistance in preparing or executing any kind of recruiting plans or programs in your Council or District. I am available to assist, along with my fellow Membership teammates.


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