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MEMBERSHIP VISION – Reggie Vasquez, Chairman

Brother Reggie’s mission continues this Fraternal year monthly membership reflection which will be available on the state website –  State leadership and GK’s will be notified of its availability through Flocknote email.  His reflections will be in line with the Worthy State Deputy’s theme for the month and will be available for use by Council Membership Directors or Lectors.  He will also be producing short snippets during the month which will be published on the State’s social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter, and sent to the Grand Knights.  These are intended to be helpful and reminders for you as you lead your Brother Knights this Fraternal year.  These will be targeted to enhance the knowledge base of our brother Knights regarding a variety of aspects of the Knights of Columbus.  Here are some suggestions for monthly themes for activities in your Councils and Districts.


  • July (Guardians of Freedom) Freedom comes at a cost and religious freedom at even a greater cost. The focus is on those who are the guardians of freedom and our obligation to support, defend, and pray for the guardians.
  • August (Fr. Michael J. McGivney) Our Founder may not have foreseen how the Order would grow, but he was convinced that this Order of Catholic Gentlemen was the answer to right the ship of injustice and set the course true Catholic brotherhood.  What he observed in 1882 is still true today.
  • September (Join a Ministry) Ministry in the local parish equates to presence and visibility. How visible are the Knights in your parish community? Are they the models of Ministry?  Wear your Knights badges and or shirts when you serve.
  • October (Columbus Day) Our namesake was an adventurer who charted unknown waters and risked all, and all the while clinging to his faith. What are we willing to risk in order to grow our Order and defend our faith? Let’s chart new ways forward in our communities and seek out opportunities for growth.
  • November (Giving thanks by Giving Back) Most will take time this month to be thankful for what they have been blessed with in life. Giving at any level becomes a blessing to others. Focus in on what we can give together to bless others.  There is no greater satisfaction on Earth than to give with absolutely no expectation of anything in return. It frequently creates great joy for the recipient and then for you!
  • December (Keep Christ in Christmas) It’s not just a program or a saying; it’s a strong reminder to keep Christ-centered throughout this joyous season. How can we Knights best renew that spirit in our communities?
  • January (New Year’s Resolutions) A new calendar year invites new resolve to fortify faith, hope, and charity. Your Council can and should offer strengthening of Catholic Faith, Hope for better community (Domestic Church), and Charity without reservation. Plan on it!
  • February (Valentine’s) If you forget your Valentine, your amour will be tarnished. And Lent begins on Valentine’s Day! As we prepare ourselves for the Passion and the Cross, let’s embrace our exemplified principles and bring others into the Faith and into the Order.
  • March (Mass for Families) We close out this month with the cherished memory of Our Lord’s Last Supper. This celebration should be special to all Knights and their families. This life-giving remembrance recalls the institution of the greatest sharing gift any can receive. This truly is the Mass for Families; be there with your families.
  • April (Easter joy) The Cross, the Resurrection, the joy of salvation and the hope of mankind are here. We Knights share in the glory of the Resurrection and have become instrumental in evangelizing and building the domestic Church one member at a time, one Council at a time. Rejoice He is risen!
  • May (Mom & Dad) May the month of Mary, and the perfect time to reflect on the importance of family. What are we doing to enhance the family culture, especially with regard to faith? How can we Knights strengthen respect for parents, and encourage parents to nurture faith in children?
  • June (Fortnight for Freedom) Each year dioceses around the country arrange special events to highlight the importance of defending religious freedom. The Fortnight for Freedom is from June 21—the vigil of the Feasts of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More—to July 4, Independence Day. Bring in new Knights to defend religious Freedom!

Feel free to use the themes above and accompanying artwork in your Council websites and newsletters.  They will be available on the state website under membership downloads.



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