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Message From The Membership Director

Jack Gunn, Membership Director

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Fraternal Year! As we begin this year, I have some hopes and dreams as I’m sure each of you do. I dream that we can move our attitude on recruiting to one of continuous recruiting, one where we are full of joy about what we as Knights of Columbus do as brothers and where it is a pleasure and a burning desire in each of us to invite other practical Catholic gentlemen to join us! It is always possible to become a “Stronger Right Arm of the Church” and in our case strength comes from members. Members afford us the opportunity to stand for what we believe in significant numbers! It also affords us the ability to do more, for our Bishops and Priests, our parishes and communities and for each other.

To realize the vision of the Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney we must ask our fellow practical Catholic gentlemen to join us as Knights. Our Worthy Supreme Knight’s challenge to each of us during his tenure has been a reminder that we have a moral obligation to offer membership in the Knights to every eligible Catholic gentleman. To accomplish this vision, we each must consider ourselves part of the Texas Knights of Columbus membership team.

With the assistance of the membership team, our goals this year are to provide some monthly reflections, some short bits of information on social media and some draft agendas for Council Membership Directors with an aim to better informing our members of things about the Knights each of us may not be aware of. Our goal is to allow you to be better informed and as a result more comfortable talking about the Knights and sharing what your participation means to you. Councils and DD’s are also being encouraged to schedule more Admission Degrees (First Degrees). It has been observed that recruiters recruit to degrees – so frequent availability of degrees will be a key to our continued success this year. 

Retention of members is a key component of our success as well. As pointed out by Ed Glisky later, this is an effort that should begin with each brother Knight as soon as he completes his Admission Degree. This year, I challenge each Council to reach out to all of our Brothers – let’s ensure we’re accomplishing our Charitable and Fraternal mission. Lastly, if suspension becomes necessary, let us approach the process like Mother Theresa cared for those she served, or perhaps like a wounded warrior being returned to safety. Let’s bring compassion to the process and ensure we treat all our brothers as we would like to be treated if we were in their shoes.
New members bring continued life to our Councils and new perspectives and energy. The Knights have been a strong and growing organization since our founding more than 120 years ago and we are each called to help ensure their viability for the future. Please take some time to review the Supreme Website – . Interested candidates can review the join us section of the website for some of the benefits in belonging. Extending an invitation to eligible Catholic gentlemen provides them the opportunity to grow in his faith, to serve the communities to which he belongs and to associate with a bunch of like-minded Catholic gentlemen. Please be creative in your approach to recruiting – share what works with your DDs’ so we all can learn!

Thank you for all you do for the Knights of Columbus. And, thanks in advance for all you will do to make this year successful for the Texas Knights of Columbus and for the Order. I would point out that there is not much difference between a good year and a great year! Let’s stretch a little and aim high! The membership team looks forward to working with you to make this a great year!

Brother Brad’s role is to ensure all of us have the information we need to monitor membership and insurance results throughout the state, whether it be at the State, Diocese or District level. We are planning on a weekly and monthly report which will be available on the state website. Diocesan and District Deputies should familiarize themselves with these reports as they become available as our intent is to contact each District quarterly to see how you are doing. Thanks in advance Brad for keeping us informed!
The Texas State Council membership goal for this fraternal year is 5,050. It is distributed among the Dioceses as follows:

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