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Message From the Council Growth Director

Boyd Burris, Council Growth Director

I’d like to begin by thanking many of you for your efforts on Council Growth activity during the 2016-2017 fraternal year. We had a successful year in the New Council and Reactivation arenas and are looking forward to another great year. With your assistance, we are also anticipating a great year in our Round Table arena, a key opportunity to expand our presence throughout the state.

Our founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney had an enduring vision that resulted in the creation of the Knights of Columbus. As brother Knights, we embrace Fr. McGivney’s dream, namely the care of widows and families of Brother Knights, and the innumerable acts of charity and service incurred since our founding. This noble vision, bolstered by our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, has stated on numerous occasions that we have a moral obligation to invite all practical Catholic gentlemen to join us as Knights. The Council Growth Team embraces Fr. McGivney’s vision. Our mandate is partnering to extend the presence and reach of the Knights of Columbus in parishes and Catholic communities by supporting the establishment of New Councils or Round Tables, as well as the reactivation of Councils that have been suspended by Supreme. Our team also offers support to Hispanic and College communities which are essential to the future of the Catholic Church and the Knights. Accomplishing Fr. McGivney’s vision compels all of us to reach out to our brother practical Catholic gentlemen across the societal and economic spectrum. If you need help pursuing the establishment of a New Council or Round Table anywhere in Texas, please contact one of our team members. Every Knight in Texas is a member of the Council Growth Team. You are our eyes and ears. If you run across an opportunity to establish a New Council, reactivate a suspended Council or establish a Round Table, we stand ready to help you! Give us a call or drop us an email – our contact information is in the appendix of this booklet.

A note on forms. We have not placed any copies of forms in this document but have provided links to all of the forms. If you are viewing online, click on the link and you should be directed to the form. If any of the links below do not operate by clicking on them, just “copy” the link and “paste” it in your browser, hit enter and it should bring up the information. Generally, any new council related form should not be submitted directly to Supreme, but rather to one of our Council Growth Team members. This is a request of the Worthy State Deputy, intended to afford us an opportunity to ensure all forms are properly completed prior for forwarding to Supreme. This includes NCD related form 100’s. 
When submitting through us, be sure and email yourself a copy, your District Deputy and (near the bottom of the form). Copies of forms may be requested by emailing any team member or downloading them from the state KofC website at and then navigating to the Council Growth page.

Link to Supreme site for Council Growth Forms: (English) (Spanish)


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