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Message from the Star Councils Director

Don’t Just Be A Star, Be A Texas Rock Star
Use Every String in Your Guitar

Bobb Mahrer, Star Councils Director


Bobb Mahrer - Dallas
Jack Ferguson - Galveston-Houston, Beaumont, El Paso, and Victoria
David Perry - Austin, Laredo, and San Angelo
Jack Schooley - Fort Worth, Tyler, Amarillo, and Lubbock
Jim Wade - San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Brownsville



As everyone knows, there are several Supreme Council goals required of a state jurisdiction to qualify for the prestigious Supreme Council “Circle of Honor” Award. There is a Membership Team in Texas for membership growth. There is an Insurance Team in Texas for insurance growth. There is a Council Growth Team in Texas that strives to increase the number of councils in our jurisdiction so that Father McGivney’s vision of a council in every parish is one day realized. And now, there’s a Star Council Team to ensure the Star Council goal imposed by Supreme Council for Texas to qualify for the Circle of Honor Award is achieved.

The Star Council Directorship began building a business model last fraternal year that will continue to evolve as we move forward in time. For now, I have asked four experienced brother Knights who represent the five largest dioceses and archdioceses in Texas to join the team. Jim Wade twice served as a Major Director for the State Council and as a Diocesan Deputy for the San Antonio Archdiocese. Former District Deputy Jack Schooley previously served on the Disaster Relief team and was very instrumental in delivering the boots on the ground for the State Council during the West, Texas disaster. Jack Ferguson of Houston is a very successful four year District Deputy and Star District Deputy from Houston, the largest Archdiocese in Texas. And David Perry is a four year District Deputy from the Austin Diocese. These chairmen will also cover the other dioceses in Texas as noted above. Each of these state chairmen bring immeasurable experience with them not only from the Knights of Columbus but also from their world of business.

Because our great jurisdiction must now meet a Star Councils goal, this means that each of our dioceses and archdiocese must share in their part of that goal. To achieve the goals, the Star Council Team has put together some incentives that I think each Diocesan Deputy, District Deputy, and Grand Knight will find both rewarding and fun, including for the Texas Circle of Honor Award, the First Star Award, and Texas Rock Star Award.
This Star Guide includes copies of the forms referenced in this Star Councils section and also a check list that can be used by Grand Knights, District Deputies, and Diocesan Deputies. In addition, the Star Council Team has put together a history of Star Councils in Texas that will be shared with everyone at the diocesan, district, and council levels. Together, these tools will be helpful in our quest for every council to have the opportunity to become a Star Council.

Good luck. We will see you at the finish line on June 30.


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