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Our Lady of Guadalupe/Silver Rose

Silver Rose
Chairman: Tom Krueger

“A Rose for Our Lady of Guadalupe”

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver Rose has been a Knights of Columbus tradition for 57 years. In 1960, groups of Columbian Squires in Mexico, Canada and the United States decided to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe by carrying a rose across North America from Canada to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico. In 2001 Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, at the 119th Supreme Council Meeting in Toronto, addressed the effort in culture of life terms, referring to the Our Lady of Guadalupe - One Life, One Rose Program. He urged that it be expanded to every North American jurisdiction.
In recent years the program has expanded from three to six silver roses traveling the western, central, and eastern corridors of North America. Knights of Columbus from Canada to Mexico carry the roses from destination to destination, and finally to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico.
Every stop along the route of the Silver Rose Pilgrimage is an occasion for prayer and spiritual renewal centered on the rosary. English, French and Spanish booklets containing recommended prayers, scripture readings and a litany accompany the silver rose. 
In addition to the six silver roses described above, two additional roses were added that begin their travel in Texas.  One silver rose accommodates the expanded needs in Texas.  The other silver rose provides coverage for Western Mexico and is transferred to Mexico from El Paso, Texas.  
As the roses travel this great State of ours, everyone is asked to conduct services to show respect and honor to Our Lady. Each service should be documented and described along with a count of participants. A diocesan coordinator for each diocese should be appointed to handle the movement of each Rose through his diocese. He is also responsible for gathering all of the event information.
Initial Activities
Councils, Assemblies and Squires Circles may schedule a silver rose visit through your Diocesan Deputy.  Prior to scheduling an event, meet with your pastor to explain the Silver Rose Program using books available from your Diocesan Deputy.  Consider scheduling multiple events during week days at different locations to maximize exposure to the silver rose.  
Notify the 4th Degree and Knights on Bikes and solicit their participation. Coordinate the travel between locations using Knights on Bikes, if available.
Modify the program, as needed, when the event is in conjunction with Mass.  The Silver Rose Program should not be conducted as part of the Mass but may be held before or after the Mass.   Since time is limited between Sunday Masses, consider selecting one or more of the following from the Silver Rose Program Book:
• Procession – 3 Minutes*
• The Events of Guadalupe - 8 minutes
• Act of Consecration – 2 minutes*
• Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary -  5 Minutes
* Preferred minimum events.  
Two Weeks Prior to Event
Follow-up with all parties to ensure the event will go as planned and place notices in the Parish Bulletin.  Ensure books are available in both English and Spanish

Marian Prayer 
Chairman: Tom Krueger

The Knights of Columbus has sponsored Marian Hour of Prayer programs since 1979. As part of this program the Order distributes pilgrim icons depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary under her various titles. The icon travels on a year-long journey from council to council in each of the Order’s jurisdictions throughout the world. These Marian icons serve as the focal point for prayer services held in council homes, churches or other locations.   The current icons will be turned in at the Organizational meeting in July 2017.  The new ones will be distributed to the State Deputies later this year, and the Diocesan Deputies will take possession by the mid-year meeting in December 2017.


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