Program Manual

Message from Programming Director

Daryl Entrop, Program Director

Who are the Knights of Columbus and what can they do for me and my family? That is a question we are all asked many times. The Knights of Columbus are known for many different things. I would like to think the Knights are known for all of the outstanding activities we support and sponsor within our churches, our communities, our councils, for our families and our stance on pro-life and the abolishment of abortion clinics. The Knights of Columbus are not just the guys you see walking in parades wearing feathered hats and capes and carrying swords. They are the guys you see working in the trenches to further promote family unity and youth activities such as free throw contests, essay contests, Columbian Squires Circles, as well as Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs. They are the leaders promoting the need for prayer through the Silver Rose program and the Marian Hour of Prayer program and through the financial support of educating our seminarians and future parish priests. They are the ones helping to raise the money necessary to furnish wheelchairs, coats for kids, food and clothing for the underprivileged. They are the men and women you see leading the prayer vigils outside the abortion clinics and participating in organized marches to help end abortions.
Again. this year our theme is “We Are One”. This theme promotes the idea of Unity and how better to unite our members and their families than through good programs. As past officers in our councils we all know good programs are essential for the progress and growth of our members and our councils. The ideals of “Faith and Unity” are the very things our Venerable Michael J. McGivney was trying to convey to us when he first envisioned a group of men known as the “Knights of Columbus”.
Good programs play a vital role in ensuring councils achieve the goal of “Star Council”, a goal every council should be aspiring to achieve and a goal every District Deputy, Diocesan Deputy, State Committeeman and State Officer should be helping councils to achieve.

To achieve “Star Council” status a council must conduct a total of 24 activities in a 12 month period. Four activities in each of the following 6 major areas: Family Activities, Youth Activities, Council Activities, Church Activities, Community Activities and Culture of Life Activities. There is no one program that works in every council, so councils need to adapt programs that are of interest to the members in their local areas. They need to make these activities fun, interesting, educational and help promote the ideals of the Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus. The council must also achieve their membership quota and insurance quota.

The following is a listing of ideas for programs a council may wish to consider but remember these are only suggestions, councils may have other programs they do that are not included in this listing.


Family Activities
• Family of the Month/Year
• Pray the Rosary as a Family
• Marriage Vow Renewal
• Family Breakfast
• Family Picnic
• Easter Egg Hunt
• Christmas Party
• Adopt a Needy Family
• Ladies Night
• Food for Families*
• Memorial Mass for Deceased Members
Community Activities
• Blood Drives
• Toys-for-Tots
• Thanksgiving Baskets
• Lone Rose Program
• Habitat for Humanity*
• High Blood Pressure Awareness
• Recognize and Support Public Safety Officials
• Global Wheelchair Mission*
  Church/Vocations Activities
• Corporate Communion
• Priest’s Annuity
• Living Rosary (October and May)
• Prayer for Vocations/World Peace/End Abortion
• Seminarian Support
• Parish Roundtables
• ACTS Retreat
• Project Moses

Council Activities
• Knight of the Month/Year
• Shining Armor Award Program
• Sick/Condolences Committee
• Public Relations
• Membership Socials
• Clergy Night
• Insurance Night
• Athletic Teams (Softball, Golf, Bowling, etc.)
• Installation/Awards Banquet
• Host Columbus Day and Founder’s Day Events
• Special Olympics* 
Youth Activities
• Columbian Squires
• State Free Throw Tournament
• Youth Mentoring Program
• Recognize Altar Servers
• Scholarships for Youth
• Patriotic Essay Contest
• Substance Abuse Poster Contest
• Coats for Kids*
Pro-Life Activities
• Pro-Life Masses
• Rosaries Outside Abortion Clinics
• Sidewalk Counseling
• Pro-Life Dinners
• March for Life*
• Volunteer for a nursing home or Veterans hospital 
• Ultrasound Initiative*

* Sponorship meets activity requirements for Form Sp-7.

PACE Setters Award (Program Activities Council Excellence)
This award is designed to encourage all councils to participate in the documentation and submittal of council held Service Programs. The qualifications for this award are as follows:
*PACE Setter Status – Councils who submit entry forms for three (3) Service Programs by March 1, 2015.
*PACE Setter Award – Councils who submit entry forms for six (6) Service Programs by March 1, 2015.
*STSP (Entry form for State Council Program Award) (Supreme Form) – must be completed and mailed at any time during the year but no later than March 1, 2015 to State Program Director: 
Daryl Entrop
2004 Lavendusky Dr.
Temple, TX 76501


Service Program Awards
Service Program Competition

Every year Councils all across the State of Texas conduct programs and activities for the benefit of their parishes; their councils and for their communities that are never reported or recognized. We are all volunteers and our only reward is the simple recognition of our families, our friends and our local parishes. So why not let these programs or activities be recognized on a larger stage by submitting them for State consideration for one or all of the State Service Program Awards?
The contest and awards are given for each of these six (6) Service Program categories:

*Church    *Family
*Council    *Youth
*Community    *Culture of Life

The contest is really simple. Begin with plenty of advance notice of the event. Let people know what the event is, the date of the event, the location and time. Submit a notice to your local newspaper and your local church bulletins to get as much exposure as you can for the event. Be sure to have someone on hand to take plenty of pictures. Prepare a scrapbook of the event. In this scrapbook write a detailed description of the event. Be sure to include your pictures with details of the pictures, along with any publicity it generated through local newspaper, TV story and radio interviews. Be sure to include the total number of hours needed to plan and put on the event, number of volunteers, along with the percentage of council members working, and the final outcome of the event. 

Finally, submit the entry for consideration for one of the State Awards and the recognition your council deserves. Every entry must include the standard entry form STSP. This form can be found on the Texas State Council website Send the Scrapbook to the State Program Director by March 1.

Criteria used in the Judging of Awards
1. Content: The application itself is extremely important by conveying to the judges the effectiveness of the program. Who benefited from the event? Which activity did the program directly effect? 
 *Church    *Family
 *Council    *Youth
 *Community    *Culture of Life
2. Participation of Membership: Include the total number of members participating in the event and what percentage of your entire membership participated.
3. Programs Originality: Was this event a new idea or an annual event?
4. Committee Planning: How effectively was the event organized? How much time and detail was involved in staging the event?
5. Delegation of Responsibility: How many members served as volunteers, planners and committee involvement?
6. Publicity: How well was the event publicized throughout your church, council or community? Was it publicized by radio, TV, church bulletins, council newsletter?
7. Pictures: Organize a scrapbook with captions explaining the pictures.

You have all done the work, now there is just one more step to follow. Allow your council and members to get the recognition they deserve. Submit the entry form STSP before the March 1 deadline. A copy of the STSP is included in this book. Please feel free to make copies or go to the State website and print a copy..

Supreme Website –
Select – Publications & Resources
Select – Council
Scroll Down and Select – State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form

Ace Wing – Silver Application
Ace Wing – Gold Application
Ace Award Letter – No Signature

State Golf Tournament – Entry Form & Information
State Bowling Tournaments – Entry Forms & Information
State Softball Tournament – Entry Form & Information


Free Throw Contest Kits (#FT-Kit)
Free Throw Championship Score Sheets (1598)
Council Participation Form (FT-1)
Additional Free Throw Information

Marian Hour of Prayer Route & Schedule
Silver Rose Route & Schedule

New Circle Counselors & Chairmen Report Form #468
Youth Leader Application Form #4348    No Longer Used

Ultrasound Initiative Guidelines & Application

RSVP (Refund Support Vocations Program)
Handbook for Vocations Chairman
Vocations Film, Pamphlets, Booklets (Form 4343)
DVD on Vocations (Form 50046)

Have checks made out to: “American Wheelchair Mission”
For More Information Contact: Sam Szalwinski, Chairman

Safe Environment
Coats for Kids
St. Christopher Award
Essay Contest Kit
Three Poster Board Contest Kit (SA-Kit - #4001)
Food for Families Reporting Form (#10057)
Supreme Family of the Month Reporting Form (#1993A)
State & Supreme Family of the Year Reporting Form (1993)
Habitat for Humanity
Special Olympics Form (#4584)

STSP (Star Council Program Awards)
SP7 (Columbian Award)
Service Program Personnel Report Form (#365)
Annual Survey of Fraternal Activities Report Form (#1728)
Semi-Annual Council Audit (Due August 15th - #1295-1)
Semi-Annual Council Audit (Due February 15th - #1295-2)
Report of Council Officers for Fraternal Year Form (#185)


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