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Culture of Life

Pro-Life Activities

Chairman: Tom Clark

This is a call to all Knights to help create a Culture of Life in the state of Texas and to rid ourselves of the culture of death that is pushed into our lives. This is done through prayer, civic action, organizing and participating in Pro Life events, and through donations of funds to various Pro Life ministries such as pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes throughout the state. Please feel free to contact me or anyone in my committee for help in any of these areas… we are here to serve you and to continue to make Texas the most Pro Life state in the country.

The ACE Wings
The ACE in ACE Wings stands for - Pro Life without Apology, without Compromise, without Exception. To earn the ACE Wings a Knight must do 5 public Pro Life events – a guide to these events can be found on the ACE Wing form located online and in this book. Please note that only certain events can be repeated, again this is outlined on the form itself. This year’s premium event will be the Texas rally for Life held in January in Austin. This event will count for 3 of the 5 events needed to earn the ACE Wings.

In the past the ACE Wings were often thought of as an award. From this point forward please never refer to it as an award – Each set of ACE Wings represents a child that was lost to abortion – and you cannot “win” this…!! Please simply refer to them as “ACE Wings” and please wear them often, not just to KofC Meetings. 

It takes a real man, a brave Knight, to earn and wear the ACE Wings!

Please treat them with the same respect you would any blessed object – ACE wings are sent to you blessed. A guide for wearing the ACE Wings will be distributed to your Diocesan Pro Life Chairman in the near future. He will distribute it to the rest of the Diocese.

40 Days for Life
40 Days for Life will run from September 28 thru November 6th 2016, and the spring campaign will be in February and ending in March (The spring dates have not yet been set). 40 Days for Life is a 24 hour universal campaign outside abortion clinics for 40 days. During this time parishes, schools, KofC Councils and many churches of different denominations come to pray, fast, and show support of the unborn and to be a public witness for them. This is a peaceful demonstration of support. Please plan on being part of 40 Days for Life ;
Many Dioceses will skip this event simply because they do not have an abortion clinic in their area. We must all realize that women from every part of Texas seek out abortions and if you happen to live in an area with no abortion clinics you should still be participating in 40 Days for Life. There are two ways to do this. Plan a trip to a diocese that is hosting a 40 Days for Life campaign. If that is not feasible then ask your Parish Priest if you can either have a 24 hour vigil with the Most Blessed Sacrament exposed and get your Council to sign up for all 24 hours, or if you would like – host a diocesan wide event with each church taking on a 24 hour period or one church hosting the entire vigil for a block of days or even going the entire 40 days. It would be a big task to live up to, but just imagine the power behind your prayer when you share that special time with the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Life Chain
LIFE CHAIN is a peaceful and prayerful public witness of pro-life individuals standing for 90 minutes praying for our nation and for an end to abortion. It is a visual statement of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children and that the Church supports the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Life chain is usually held on the first Sunday of October – this year it will be October 2nd – Go to for more details or to find out where there is one near you.

Texas Rally for Life
Join thousands of Texans at the Texas Rally for Life on Saturday, January 28, at the Capitol in Austin. Show the media and our elected officials that Texas is PRO-LIFE! The 2017 Texas Rally for Life will commemorate the 44th anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, which made abortion legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. In the wake of Roe, legal abortion in our nation has claimed the lives of more than 58 million unborn children and has hurt countless women and men. The Rally will feature pro-life speakers and leaders from across the state. For more information visit

Hike for Life
Texas oldest Pro Life event – Held in cities across Texas the Hike seeks to raise funds for Pregnancy Resource Centers and local Pro Life ministries. Knights are encouraged to consider hosting a Hike for Life in their area. Go to for additional information.

Day of the Unborn Child
Help on March 25th of each year this coincides with the observance of Christ’s birth which is celebrated on December 25th. March 25th is nine months prior to this date and is a wonderful excuse to host a Pro Life, Pro Christian event of your choice. Have a Mass said, get together for a rosary and pot luck dinner, place 150 crosses outside of your church to remind people that we lose 150 babies each hour to abortion 24 hours each day – the choice is up to you.

Additional details can be found at
Please feel free to contact me with questions on any of the above items


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