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Culture of Life

Pro-Life Activities

Chairman: Tom Clark

This is a call to all Knights to help create a Culture of Life in the state of Texas and to rid ourselves of the culture of death that is pushed into our lives. This is done through prayer, civic action, organizing and participating in Pro Life events, and through donations of funds to various Pro Life ministries such as pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes throughout the state. Please feel free to contact me or anyone in my committee for help in any of these areas… we are here to serve you and to continue to make Texas the most Pro Life state in the country.
A note on The ACE Wings
The ACE in ACE Wings stands for - Pro Life without Apology, without Compromise, without Exception. To earn the ACE Wings a Knight must do 5 public Pro Life events – a guide to these events can be found on the ACE Wing form located online and in this book. Please note that only certain events can be repeated, again this is outlined on the form itself. This year’s premium event will be the Texas rally for Life held in January in Austin. This event will count for 3 of the 5 events needed to earn the ACE Wings.

In the past the ACE Wings were often thought of as an award. From this point forward please never refer to it as an award – Each set of ACE Wings represents a child that was lost to abortion – and you cannot “win” this…!! Please simply refer to them as “ACE Wings” and please wear them often, not just to KofC Meetings. 
It takes a real man, a brave Knight, to earn and wear the ACE Wings!
Please treat them with the same respect you would any blessed object – ACE wings are sent to you blessed. A guide for wearing the ACE Wings will be distributed to your Diocesan Pro Life Chairman in the near future. He will distribute it to the rest of the Diocese.
We are pleased to introduce the Special Forces ACE Wings this year.  The SF ACE Wings are for those men within the Council who are the “go to” men for any Pro-life event.  These are the men who the Grand Knight and Council Pro-life Chairman can always rely upon to work these events.  A guide to these events can be found on the ACE Wing form located online and in this book.


2017-2018 Star Guide

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