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Special Olympics

Henry Gonzales, Chairman

The mission of Special Olympics Texas is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympics type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. 
Special Olympics Texas has over 40,000 outstanding and accomplished athletes. We invite Brother Knights to attend upcoming Special Olympics events and witness our Athletes abilities and “CAN DO” attitudes. Through this kind of involvement, people perceptions of those with intellectual disabilities can begin to change, hopefully leading toward more accepting and inclusive communities for all.

Special Olympics Texas would not exist today and could not have been created without the time, energy, and the dedication of thousands of volunteers. Over 38,000 volunteers dedicate their time in helping athletes with intellectual disabilities in achieving their dreams. We as volunteers take an oath: 
I promise to give the time of my life, so that Special Olympics Athletes can have the time of their life, 
I promise to support Special Olympics not just as an expression of charity, but as a form of respect for my fellow human beings. 
I promise to spread the word of volunteerism because in giving, I receive so much more in return.   
Partnership Profile with Special Olympics (FORM 4584) 
Form 4584 details our council’s involvement - event attended, dollar contribution and man power hours devoted to various Special Olympics competitions. Councils can add 2.5% of State Charities to donated amount also. Forms are to be submitted to State, Supreme and Special Olympics Chairman by January 31st of each year. Supreme Council awards a maximum of $9,000 annually to each qualifying State Council.

All councils are requested to file form 4584, Partnership Profile Report with Special Olympics. The form is to be submitted whether councils were involved in Special Olympics or not. 
All councils that have contributed to State Charities can take the amount contributed and multiply by 2.5%. Place that amount on the form in item IV Total Funds Contributed to Special Olympics, Number 1 State Games/Events. Also, put the amount in the Total Contributions.

To enhance participation from councils, an award program has been initiated for Diocesan and District Deputies. To qualify, each District Deputy must have 100% of assigned councils submit the form 4584, with all indicating activity by December 31, 2016. The 4584 form can be found in the Star Guide.

Charles ‘Chic’ O’Conner October 9, 1919 –April 22, 2010
Chic was a proud member of the Knights since 1943, He was very instrumental in starting Special Olympics in Gregg County (Longview). He became involved because his daughter, Monica was very special. The O’Conner family has done everything from Timers, Huggers, Chaperones and Pizza providers for the entire Gregg County Delegation and Area events. 
We have recently announced the Charles ‘Chic’ O’Conner Annual Memorial Award. This award will recognize a Brother Knight for his exemplary contributions in supporting Special Olympics Texas. Criteria includes: Leadership, Volunteering, Fundraising and Community involvement. Nomination form can be found on the state website. Dead line for the form is January 31, 2017.
Forms can be mailed to Henry Gonzales at or Ron Alonzo at 

Previous winners include: Brother Bill Merrill and Henry Gonzales both out of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Louis Strubel out of Austin Diocese and Jack Harvey form Dallas Diocese.


Special Olympics Pins are available from your Diocesan and District Deputies for a $5.00 Donation.
Let’s support our Olympians as part of our 1st Degree!

For information on upcoming Special Olympics events in your area, please
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