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 Since it will be important to keep track of each council in Texas as each council meets deadlines and shows progress towards the Star Council criteria, the Star Tracker Report will be updated monthly with the required membership gain, insurance gain, submission of forms, and the required financial payments set by the Supreme Council.  This report will be posted on the state council website each month upon completion of the updates. Our Team will be contacting the District Deputies and Grand Knights to help them with those councils that are past due on the required reports.  It is our goal to help those councils be recognized for their hard work and achieve Star Council.   

GOALS FOR 2017-2018
  Because our great jurisdiction must now meet a Star Councils goal, this means that each of our dioceses and archdiocese must share in their part of that goal. Each diocese has been given a goal of 22% of the active councils in their diocese or archdiocese to become Star Councils.  Each Diocesan Deputy and District Deputy that obtains these goals will be recognized.  This Star Guide includes copies of the forms referenced in this Star Councils section and also a checklist that can be used by Grand Knights, District Deputies, and Diocesan Deputies.  Together, these tools will be helpful in our quest for every council to have the opportunity to become a Star Council.
Amarillo 24 24 5
Austin 89 85 18
Beaumont 28 27 6
Brownsville 51 38 8
Corpus Christi 60 49 10
Dallas 55 49 10
El Paso 38 28 6
Fort Worth 59 54 11
Gal-Houston 128 117 25
Laredo 25 12 4
Lubbock 24 20 4
San Angelo 33 29 6
San Antonio 104 90 19
Tyler 32 29 6
Victoria 32 32 7
TOTAL 782 683 145
Goal is based on 22% of active councils as of 06/01/2016
Minimum of 4 Star Councils


2017-2018 Star Guide

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