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Submit all forms to Supreme Council
Submit a copy of all forms to State Council

All forms may be submitted on-line to the Supreme Council.

All councils are encouraged to submit their forms on-line at  The on-line submission process is easy and it automatically certifies that the form has been received by the Supreme Council.  There are no lost forms when they are submitted on-line.  Ask for instructions if you do not know how to do this.

 Form 185 (Officers Elected) and Form 365 (Service Program Personnel) may be submitted via Member Management. The form used to report the council’s elected officers (#185) and the form used to report the council’s chairmen (#365) may be completed easily via Member Management in the secured sign-in area of the Supreme Council website.  When using Member Management on the Supreme Council website, Member Management automatically notifies the Supreme Council of the new information.  This is equally true when updates are submitted.  However, the District Deputy and the Council Records in the State Council Office are not automatically notified.  This means that these forms must be manually saved as a PDF file and then attached to an email and then sent to them.  

Forms should be sent to the following addresses:
Supreme Council Office required
State Council Office required

District Deputy (use appropriate address) recommended
 All forms may be submitted via email to
Submit a copy of all forms to the State Council at
     The submission of all forms should be completed as an attachment to an email and sent to the email addresses listed above (except for those forms that require the State Deputy’s signature).
     Forms requiring the State Deputy’s signature should be emailed to the State Council Office at  (ex:  Form 133 - Notice of Intent to Establish a Council, Form 1938 - Evaluation of Financial Secretary)


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