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The fraternal year schedule for the 2017-2018 Free Throw Tournament for Councils, Districts, Diocesans and State levels are: 
• Council begins in January 2018
• District begins in February 2018
• Diocese’s Regional begins after District in February 2018
• State – Date is schedule on the First Saturday, March 3, 2018
Ordering Schedule:  
October 1, 2017 – Councils Ordering FT-KITS
Councils can order Free Throw Kits (#FT-KIT) at no charge using the form on the Order’s Web site, .  The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Kit contains posters, entry forms, and a step-by-step guide on conducting a tournament and issuing certificates.  Grand Knights must submit council participation (#FT-1) forms to Supreme Office, State Office and to their District Deputy.
Mid-October – Mid-November 2017 – Reporting & Ordering District and Diocesan FT Medals – 
District Deputies must report to Diocesan Deputies on council participation.  The Diocesan Deputy then reports to the State Program Director the number of Districts participating.  This is very important for the State Program Director who then orders the District Medals and the Diocesan Medals to be distributed in December Mid-Year Meeting.
December 2017 – District’s Mid-Year Meeting 
At the Texas State Mid-Year Meeting, the Diocesan Deputies receive both their DISTRICT Free Throw Medals and the REGIONAL Free Throw Medals.   The District Deputies can request their DISTRICT Free Throw Medals from their Diocesan Deputy at the District’s Mid-Year Meeting.
January 2018 - Age Requirement: all Competition Levels
The competition is divided into groups by age and gender. Each participating contestant must fall between ages 9-14.   Age eligibility of each contestant will be determined according to how old they are as of January 1, 2018 – NO EXECEPTIONS.  
February 2018 Requirements:
Each Diocesan Deputy and/or Diocese Program Chairman – 
Report the advancing winners to the State Free Throw Tournament Chairman, Mike Rademacher (
1. Each Diocesan Deputy and/or his Dioceses Program Chairman must first verify that each participating council has paid or collect their Texas State Per-Capita before winners advance to the State Competition.  
2. As soon as the Diocesan tournament is over in February, email (provided spreadsheet) a list of advancing winners to the State Free Throw Chairman for the preparation of the Texas State Tournament event.  
3. Mail overnight by (UPS or Fed-Ex) a package of a copy of the contestants’ birth certificate stapled together with their score sheets to the State Free Throw Chairman for advancement.
4. Keep the last week of February open with no competition to be used as a preparations week for State Level.
State Winners 
Winners of all age categories will receive a TX trophy for First, Second and Third Place.  Only First Place winners will receive a KofC new basketball and be submitted for advancement to Supreme National Free Throw Competition.
Diocesan Deputy, District Deputies and Grand Knights 
This is a very popular program which can reach a great number of our young athletes… continue to encourage your councils members to participate and order their Free Throw kits early in October.  For additional details, check the Texas State Council website ( and let’s make this year Free Throw Championship Event another success!
Participating councils submit Order Form FT-Kit, starting October 1st; by November 1st.  
District Deputies notify their Diocesan Deputies of council’s participation prior to November 1st.  


2017-2018 Star Guide

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