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Vocations Support

Chairman: Blake Krass

Our Order was founded by a parish priest and has always supported men and women who have chosen to dedicate their lives to our Church via religious life or are considering doing so. The Supreme Council has instituted a number of programs and services related to that support.

Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP)
The goal for the upcoming fraternal year is for each seminarian from Texas or studying in Texas to receive support from at least one Council, Assembly, and/or Squires Circle. The best known Supreme program to help accomplish this goal is RSVP. Supreme will refund $100 for every $500 sent by a Council or Assembly and $20 for every $100 sent by a Circle. To qualify, the check(s) must be made payable to the individual seminarian and you must submit Form 2863 along with a copy of the cancelled check(s) by June 30th.
Not as well known is that RSVP does not apply only to Diocesan seminarians. It also applies to seminarians studying for the priesthood under a religious order – Franciscans, Paulists, Dominicans, Jesuits, SOLT, etc. – as well as to young women studying to be religious Sisters. It does not apply to men in the Permanent Diaconate program nor to men studying to be Brothers who are not studying for the priesthood.

The Vocations Offices in the Dioceses have different methods for handling donations to their seminarians. Each Diocesan Deputy will act as or will appoint a Diocesan Vocations Coordinator. Know who yours is and keep him advised of all your vocations donations, whether to a Diocesan seminarian or to someone else studying for religious life.
If your Council participates in vocations support that qualifies for RSVP, you can list RSVP on each of the four “Church” lines of the Columbian Award application (Form SP-7). Be sure to enter it on all four lines and not just the first line.

Non-financial support
Sending financial support is only the start. We need to fully “adopt” these fine people. Send them birthday and holiday cards or gifts, write them letters periodically, invite them to Council and Assembly meetings and functions, and encourage them to join our Order and to progress through the Degrees. Every Bishop in Texas is a Knight and we should encourage our seminarians to become Knights as well. They are our future parish pastors!

Two more opportunities to send cards or other small gifts to thank them for answering God’s holy call are the feast days of St John Vianney, the patron saint of priests (August 4th), and St Charles Borromeo, the patron saint of seminarians (November 4th).

Vocations scholarships
In addition to the $10 million endowed for RSVP, the Order also has over $12 million endowed for several vocations scholarship funds. The two most prominent ones offer several $2,500 annual scholarships, one based on need and the other on merit, that are renewable for three additional years. Applicants who are Knights or sons of Knights are given preference to some extent. Deadline for applying is June 1st.
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