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Message from the Charity Director

Ron Alonzo, State Charities Director

Charity, of course, is the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. Membership in the Order offers innumerable opportunities for men and their families to strengthen their faith and serve those in need. We grow together in friendship with the Lord through our fraternity, and this friendship is lived and cultivated by our practice of charity. 
As we begin this fraternal year, let us undertake these acts of charity because we see those in need through the eyes of faith. Moreover, in the Knights of Columbus, we approach these acts of charity together. Whether with funds or service, the Knights must continue their strong support within their communities through initiatives and programs, such as Habitat for Humanity, Intellectual disabilities, Special Olympics, Infirmed Priest Fund, Cardinal Medeiros Fund, Educational Grants, Natural Disasters, Global Wheelchair Mission, Blood Drives, and Blue Mass, etc. Knights recognize that our mission, and our faith in God, compels us to action.
State Charities
As last fraternal year, our Charity Fundraising Team led by Chairman Roger Scott, will be encouraging our Brother Knights to give to State Charities, as well as gather the best practices from all the Dioceses to share across the state. We must instill in our brother Knights that while Charity begins at home, it doesn’t stop at our local boundaries. We are all a part of something larger that requires us to step up and help families wherever the need arises. 
To those councils, districts and dioceses that have met their charity goals in the past, thank you. But, we also want to encourage you to keep meeting those goals and do even more this coming fraternal year. 
Remember that the Bishop of your Diocese will receive 70% of your charity contribution and 100% of all monies that exceed your Diocesan charity goal. To insure that your council receives proper credit: please make your checks payable to “State Council Charities” and ensure Council Number is on the check. 
Mail your check to:
Texas State Council Knights of Columbus,
6633 Hwy 290 East, Suite 204,
Austin, Texas 78723-1157


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