Program Manual

Message from the Charity Director

Chris Johnson, State Charities Director

We as Knights of Columbus learn in the 1st Degree of our Order that Charity is the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. Our charitable activities encompass an almost infinite variety of local, national, and international projects. From international charitable partnerships with Special Olympics, the Global Wheelchair Mission and Habitat for Humanity to our own local charities, the opportunity to work together with fellow Knights and their families is virtually endless.

As we begin this new fraternal year, let us all keep in mind our theme, “We are One.” This cannot be more evident than in our State Charities Program. Charity is a team effort. We must remember what Fr. McGivney started by calling that group of men together, to act as ONE, with a common purpose: Charity for our fellow Catholics and their families. Without that first principle we cannot accomplish our other goals. Without charity as our foundation, the Knights of Columbus would not exist.

State Charities

As in the past our Charity Fundraising Team led by Chairman John Maher, will be encouraging our Brother Knights to give to State Charities. We give not just to the Bishop’s designated charities, but also to Brother Knights around our great state who find themselves in need. Whether it is for Special Olympics, Catholic Schools, educational grants, natural disasters, or simply a charitable need, Knights of Columbus responds. We must instill in our brother Knights that while Charity begins at home, it doesn’t stop at our local boundaries. We are all a part of something larger that requires us to step up and help families wherever the need arises. 

To those councils, districts and dioceses that have met their charity goals in the past, thank you. But, we also want to encourage you to keep meeting those goals and do even more this coming fraternal year. 
Remember that the Bishop of your Diocese will receive 70% of your charity contribution and 100% of all monies that exceed your Diocesan charity goal. To insure that your council receives proper credit: please make your checks payable to “State Council Charities”. Be sure to include your council number on the check and mail to:

Texas State Council Knights of Columbus,
6633 Hwy 290 East, Suite 204,
Austin, Texas 78723-1157



The following is the list of Dioceses and their designations for the funds received through the Texas State Charities.

Bishop    Diocese    Bishop’s Charity Designations
Bishop Patrick J. Zurek    Amarillo    Continuing Spirituality Training for the Priests 
        and Seminarians
Bishop Joe S. Vasquez    Austin    Vocation Fund/Emergency Funds for the Priests
Bishop Curtis J. Guillory    Beaumont    Infirm Priests Fund
Bishop Daniel E. Flores    Brownsville    Deaf Ministry/Disabled Program
Bishop William Michael Mulvey    Corpus Christi    ARK
Bishop Kevin J. Farrell    Dallas    Persons with Disabilities and Deaf Ministries
Bishop Mark J. Seitz    El Paso    Vocations
Bishop Michael F. Olson    Fort Worth    Deaf Ministry and Seminarian Support
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo    Galveston/Houston    Archdiocesan Catholic Schools
Bishop James A. Tamayo    Laredo    Evangelization/Outreach Charity & Seminarian Support
Bishop Placido Rodriguez    Lubbock    Vocations/Seminarian Support
Bishop Michael J. Sis    San Angelo    Pro-Life, Seminarian Education & Training; 
        Lay Leaders Support and Development
Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller    San Antonio    Deaf Ministry
Bishop Joseph E. Strickland    Tyler    Seminarian Education & Training
Bishop Brendan Cahill    Victoria    Continuing Education for Priests, 
        Extension of Lay Ministry and Evangelization


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