About Us

Fourth Degree Our Lady of Guadalupe Province

Vice Supreme Master
David A Roewe, PSD
Email: droewe@cox.net

District 1 Master
Michael D Gallagher
Email: michael.gallagher@earthlink.net

District 2 Master
Joe A Rodriguez
Email: joerod2929@yahoo.com

District 3 Master
Patrick “Pat” J Conway Sr
Email: skpatconway@gmail.com

District 4 Master
Daniel Norman
Email: dannorman@aol.com

District 5 Master
Anthony J Schillo
Email: anthonyjschillo@gmail.com

District 6 Master
Michael F Moreno
Email: moreno8156@gmail.com

District 7 Master
Fred M Crump
Email: fmcrump@sbcglobal.net

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