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Message from the State Deputy

My Brother Knights:

As we embark on another Fraternal Year we can proudly acknowledge the many accomplishment the Knights in Texas and their families have been able to do. Because we are keenly aware that every practicing Catholic man in Texas should and eventually can be joined in faith and action with us, we can and will maintain the honor of being the largest jurisdiction in the Americas. The leadership at the State, diocesan, district, and council levels has enabled us to be a shining beacon to others Order-wide. And in keeping with that our theme for the 2018-2019 Fraternal Year is: “Let Your Light Shine”. As stated in the Book of Matthew “Let your light shine before men is such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Being proud of our many Texan traditions that have been woven into the myriad aspects of membership, council growth, star council, programs, charities, developing Domestic Church, and the new Evangelization, takes a lot of hard work and faith in action. The focus of our many efforts will now center on Faith in Action. Our membership approach now includes digital access and even the look of patriotism is changing before us. This brings new challenges and greater opportunities.

To keep our honored position in the Order will require dedicated leaders willing to let their light shine so all can see our good works. And leadership always has a plan. And our plan calls for:

  • Recruit 5000 new members and keep suspensions below 1500
  • Getting all 800 Texas Councils recruitment active
  • Creating 12 new Councils in support of our parishes
  • Reactivation of 12 inactive councils in support of our parishes
  • Sponsorship of 200 Round Tables in support of Catholic communities
  • Obtain 125 Star Councils – Star Council is always the goal
  • Build the Domestic Church with Faith in Action initiatives and programs
  • Charity and Service demonstrated appreciably at State, diocesan, district, council, and community levels.
  • Active support and celebration of those who serve us, especially clergy, religious, military, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders


As we build unity through our fraternity, we can quickly realize that all of us together are the reason Texas is so successful and essential to the Order. We can with hope and clarity continuously say: “We haven’t had our best year yet!” Those whose shoulders we stand on would encourage and fortify that thought. So let’s plan for the best year yet. Let’s stay always positive and let’s have some fun staying in the lead!

Vivat Jesus!

State Deputy

T. Mark Evans

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