47th Annual Daryl Entrop Memorial Softball Tournament

Posted Mar 10, 2019
by Mark

Brother Knights,


For more information, please contact any of the committee members below:

Stanley Pesek 979-561-6797

Steve Simons 713-498-9902

Matt Hudec 281-450-4309

Enclosed or attached is the entry forms for the 2019 Knights of Columbus Texas State Softball Tournament and these entry forms are due by June 8, 2019. Remember as a team manger it is your responsibility to have all the documentation needed to complete your team's entry form. To complete your team's entry you must inclu de, completed entry form this means all names, membership numbers and council numbers, the council or councils supreme membership rosters (dated June 1, 2019), and a check for the full entry fee of $285.00. The entry fee for entries postmarked by June 8, 2019 or earlier is $285.00, entries postmarked after June 8, 2019 is $360.00. Brothers last year some of you submitted half completed entry forms, and no Supreme Membership Rosters just to beat the entry deadline , so you wouldn't have to pay the late entry fee. You also waited until the last minute to submit your team' s entry, so there was not time to return them to avoid the lat e fee. Starting this year if you submit an incomplete entry form, it will be returned to you and if you have waited until the last minute to submit it and by it being returned you go past the June 4th deadline you will be subject to the late fee of $75.00, it's your choice.

I am going to ask when completing the team entry form please type or print. Sometimes a player's name does not appear on the player's registration sheet whe re it should be because it is misspelled and please do not use nicknames? If a persons name shows up on the supreme member ship roster as John Doe then don't sign him up as George Doe. Also please make sure your players know which division they are playing in, the teams name and their council number.


Stanley Pesek, State Softball Committeeman 979-561-6797 (Ce ll) spesek@

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