First-ever 4th Degree Ceremony hosted at JBSA-Lackland AFB.

Posted Nov 27, 2019
by Mark

Greeting Council and Assembly Leaders:

I am proud to announce we will have the first-ever 4th Degree Ceremony hosted at JBSA-Lackland AFB.  Many thanks to the brothers of New Braunfels Assembly 1791 and JBSA-Lackland Military Council 17179 whom are hosting the venue on my behalf.

This exemplification is the one you want to be a part of since we have U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor recipient as the honoree for the ceremony and guest speaker for the banquet.  Major General Patrick H. Brady, U.S. Army Retired, is a resident of New Braunfels and is a member of Assembly 1791.  The biography is enclosed in order to read about the General’s heroic acts during the Vietnam Conflict as a dust-off pilot.  I am praying the biography will help bolster candidate and sir knights to register for this venue.  Sir Knight Will Villegas secured the invitation for Major General Brady and is my point of contact for this venue since he is an active duty U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and is facilitating the base access and protocol for honoree.  If you have any questions, please contact him directly at mobile phone: (702) 279-9311 or email:

With this, registration is open today in order to start the vehicle base access process.  All passengers must provide full name and appropriate identification.  The spread sheet and registration forms will be provided by me or Sir Knight Villegas.  Send us an email directly.  If the driver and passengers do not have an active duty or retired military, they will have to register on base and a police background check will be accomplished.  Hence the reason for the spread sheet to be return NLT 1 January 2020 to myself, and Sir Knight Villegas who will perform the pre-coordination with the base security forces.  Payment is due to me directly, no exception since we have to firm up the contracts with military base for the catering of the venue. 

Just an administrative note, the respective Assembly Faithful Comptroller will order red KofC folder and prepare certificates with the Honorees Name tagged to the certificate for each of your candidates that sign-up for the venue.  The 4th Degree Social Baldric and 4th Degree Lapel Pin PG 113 will provide to every candidate as part of the registration fee.  The candidate’s meal is provided through the Candidate Registration Fee of $70.00.

Finally, contact me or Sir Knight Villegas for the documents in order to start the registration process:  Meal Invitation Spread Sheet, Registration Form, Hand-out for Advertisement, Fillable Form 4, and Honoree Biography.  I am praying for a large turn-out for this venue since Major General Brady is the Honoree and this is the first-time a 4th Degree Ceremony in San Antonio will be held on a military installation.  Please encourage all eligible candidate to sign-up.  Vivat Jesus!


Sir Knight Herman Poothong, PGK PFN
District Master
Texas Second District
Our Lady of Guadalupe Province
Mobile Phone:  (210) 843-4097

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