By Doug Oldmixon, IPSD, State Historian
Posted Feb 19, 2019
CHARITY IN ACTION – Financial Security for Catholic Families
In February 1882, eleven men were examined for life insurance at St Mary’s Parish in New Haven, Connecticut.
By Doug Oldmixon, IPSD, State Historian
Posted Jan 10, 2019
Resolve to Defend Life
January is always a time of reflection. The old year has passed, and the new one is on the horizon.  It provides a person with a clean slate, wide open with possibilities.
By Doug Oldmixon, IPSD, State Historian
Posted Nov 12, 2018
Knights Give Thanks by Giving Back
As candidates going through our Admission Degree, we learn the importance of charity as a theological and practical virtue.  Charity is fundamental to what we do as Knights. More than anything else we do as Knights, charity is the most eloquent expression of the essence of our Order.
By Doug Oldmixon, PSD, State Historian
Posted Oct 30, 2018
Knights Preserve and Reflect Columbus’ Vision
October is the month that we celebrate the patron and namesake of our Order, Christopher Columbus.
Posted Jul 15, 2018
A good Catholic proclaims the Gospel, Pope Francis says
VATICAN CITY - By virtue of their Baptism, every Catholic is called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ - a mission which cannot be separated from the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said Sunday.
By Tony Slagle, Texas State Council Historian
Posted Jun 03, 2018
Defending Religious Freedom
The defense of religious liberty is engrained in the very DNA of the Knights of Columbus. The Order was founded on the heels of unparalleled growth of Catholicism in America.
By David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman
Posted Jun 03, 2018
June: Religious Freedom Week
For the past several years the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have sponsored and promoted “A Fortnight for Freedom”.
By Tony Slagle, Texas State Council Historian
Posted May 01, 2018
Defense of Traditional Marriage
In my March article, I remarked at length about Father McGivney’s belief that the preservation of the family was vital to future of the nation, and I wrote about what the Knights have done to strengthen the cause of the family throughout its 130 plus year history, especially in the face of ever-present pressures of the modern, secular worldview.
By David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman
Posted May 01, 2018
Family Life
Many of you recall a time when you had the reading assignment, or just for the pure pleasure of it, read the book called “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
By Tony Slagle, Texas State Council Historian
Posted Apr 03, 2018
Vivat Jesus – a Timeless Call to Faith
Vivat Jesus. This phrase is the Latin motto of our Order and our Order’s official greeting. While many of us have heard those words spoken, or have seen them written, how many of us have given thought to what the phase actually means? How many of us have ever used the phrase? In English, Vivat Jesus translates to “Jesus Lives.”

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