By Alfredo Vela, State Treasurer
Posted Jul 04, 2016
Final Membership Numbers
The final numbers are in. 1.    Circle of Honor-Supreme Goal was 4550, we brought in 4735.  We were over by 185.  We met our Net Goal and our Net/Net Goal.  Proud to say our State Deputy will be walking across the stage, again.
By Doug Oldmixon, State Deputy
Posted Mar 19, 2016
Address to 4th Annual Central Texas Catholic Men’s Conference at San Jose Parish
134 years ago on March 29 the CT State Assembly issued a charter to a fledgling mutual benefit society, authorizing it to begin a modest program of supporting and protecting its members and their families.
By Alfredo Vela, Membership Director
Posted Feb 25, 2016
The Homestretch
My Brother Knights, we are about to hit the homestretch for this fraternal year.  We are well past our half-way point.  Some of you are right on track to meet your goals.
By Terry Simonton, State Deputy
Posted Jul 21, 2015
The Largest Jurisdiction in the Order
We have just completed the 2014-2015 Fraternal Year. I want to thank everyone for a tremendous year. With all your hard work and dedication, Texas is once again in the Circle of Honor.
By Alfredo Vela, Membership Director
Posted Jul 20, 2015
The Star Council Goal!
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS…Texas is in the Circle of Honor.
By Diego Pena, State Advocate
Posted Jul 15, 2015
State Advocate Oral Report from the State Convention
Texas State Advocate Report:  Maintaining the Order I have received several requests for the oral State Advocate’s Report I gave at the Texas State Convention on Saturday, May 2, 2015 in Houston, Texas. 
By Terry Simonton, State Deputy
Posted Apr 10, 2015
Wow! We Have Only Three Months Left
I hope you and your families had a very Happy Easter.
By Craig Modrzynski,, Communications Director
Posted Apr 10, 2015
Time for Spring Cleaning … Not !
Spring is here, Time for spring cleaning…Not.
By Terry Simonton, State Deputy
Posted Mar 17, 2015
We Are Now At Two Thirds of the Way
We have just completed two thirds of this fraternal year. I want to thank each of you for what you are doing to grow the Order.
By Bobb Mahrer, Star Councils Director
Posted Mar 17, 2015
What Makes A Star Council?
Is your council working toward making its membership and insurance quotas? Is your council conducting programs that is involving a large percentage of the membership? Is your council including the chaplain and the field agent when conducting charity fundraisers? If not, why not?

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