Christ Centered Men, Families and Councils

David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman

In the middle of this month, on St. Valentine’s Day, the liturgical season of Lent begins.

Ash Wednesday for many Knights is the last big warning sign that fish frys are imminent. This year, taking our Valentine sweetie out to dinner may not be a very good option since it falls on this day of fast and abstinence. And we may still be recovering from the prior late night Mardi Gras celebration. Ashes might be more fitting to our mood for the day. 

A few years ago now, the folks at Dynamic Catholic set out to help Catholics to have the best Lent ever. Through a number of different media (slides, sayings, prayers, meditations, and videos), a program emerged that had a significant impact on how many were able to observe Lenten devotions and practices in a modern yet very Catholic and contemplative way. Significantly, last year focused on the book “Resisting Happiness” wherein each person is asked to recognize and conquer this resistance. The premise of the book is that God created us for happiness both in this world and the next, and that Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection restores the possibility for happiness that we somehow constantly resist. And the paradox of happiness is that we know what things make us happy, but we just don’t do them because we are too busy trying to pursue happiness.

In the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of our lives we look to find satisfaction and fulfillment but too often fall short and are not fully satisfied or fulfilled. And the reason is that only God working within us and centering us brings real happiness and fulfillment. So no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that we’re going to get in better physical shape, control our emotions and feelings, read and study more, or get spiritually focused, we tend to find excuses and resist taking the actions we know we need to do. So, how do we make progress? We need to recognize and conquer how we resist, and invite God into the process. Sounds like a good Lenten endeavor and a conversion process to become more Christ centered.

As Knights we need to remember always our commitment to prayer and good works informed by faith. Resistance to either for any excuse tarnishes our armor and leaves us dissatisfied and unfulfilled. We know what we need to do as individuals and unified as Councils. The programs, resources, structure, guidance, leadership, and Catholic virtues are there for our inspiration, guidance and use. Yet, we hesitate, we resist, we remain dissatisfied. We say, “If only….” And yet another excuse slips out. To overcome this pattern, we need to place God at the center of all our decisions.

Every Council finds reasons to not constantly and consistently recruit, yet we know that more brothers will lighten the load, will bring even more families closer to Christ, and build the domestic Church. This Lent, let’s all turn toward Christ in a humbled, prayerful, and generous spirit overcoming resistance and carry-out the good work of our Order. We can conquer the resistance to membership recruitment by inviting and pursuing men of faith to join our Order. Let’s demonstrate to them an Organization that is clearly Christ centered and that fulfills the human spirit.

Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey!

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