Easter Joy.

David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman

Throughout the Lenten, Triduum, and Easter seasons Catholics everywhere have been focused on the Cross, the death, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is medically impossible to bring someone back to life after death, but that is what happened with Jesus. Nothing is impossible with God. Suddenly, or sometimes gradually, the realization of the joy of salvation and the hope of mankind were present to the apostles and disciples then and even to us today. Rejoice He is risen!

We live in a time of great confusion, fears, and discouragements. Yet through our faith we can also see signs of great hope. Much may seem impossible, but then again nothing is impossible with God. In the cross and resurrection of Jesus love can overcome hatred, forgiveness can overcome our tendency to judgment, and justice can overcome the tendency for vengeance in the name of justice. Gentleness can overcome cruelty, and humility can overcome pride. Sacred silence can overcome the noise of the world, and sacred stillness can overcome the world’s agitations. It happens in meditation one thought at a time, one breath at a time, and in life one challenge at a time. It is simple and easy, but the journey takes our entire life. But it can be done through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In this Easter season we will again recall with amazement the story of the road to Emmaus. In essence it is a story of failure and disappointment. The disciples were devastated and could not believe it was possible that anyone could overcome death, not even Jesus. As they opened their hearts and minds to the scriptures when they walked on the road, they still failed to recognize Jesus. The impossible realization of the Resurrection was revealed to them in the breaking of the bread. The message is to not focus on the failures, rather to focus on Jesus and to dare believe in the impossible.

We Knights have an awesome privilege as guardians and defenders of our faith. As we increase our membership we invite participation in that life-long journey of faith, and we are daring society at large to recognize the impossible truth of Jesus present in His Church today. Our message is one of encouragement and of making the seemingly impossible things possible in the world today. Our charitable works, our programs, our unity, and our brotherhood personify a life of resurrected faith. Dare to believe in the seemingly impossible task of growing our Order everywhere and at all times.  We can and must embody the hope and the reality of the domestic Church today; and that takes as many Catholic men as we can enlist. We Knights share in the glory of the Resurrection and have become instrumental in evangelizing and building the domestic Church one member at a time, one Council at a time. Rejoice He is risen!

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