Guardians of Freedom

David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman

In a keynote speech to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in June, Archbishop Timothy P. Brogolio (Archbishop of the Military Services) spoke on the authentic virtues necessary to build up a nation.

While specifically speaking to the heroic actions of military members, he stated that responses to crisis situations do not happen in a vacuum. And that even though military members are trained to react to different situations, and taught what to do even when captured, the responses in those concrete situations depend on the individual. He then shifted to reflect that throughout Church history we can discover saints, men and women who built their virtues to reflect the authenticity of their faith. And that same faith has a direct impact on the nation.

Quoting James Cardinal Harvey, he said: “A good Catholic is a good American, because the practice of virtue also leads to good citizenship and there is no dichotomy between faith and life if we cultivate and practice virtue. Each of us has the potential to rebuild our society and our world if we cultivate authentic virtue.”

To address some of the virtues to which he was speaking, he specified: prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, and selflessness. He goes on to explain each one of these virtues and their impact on society. In conclusion he says that to speak of the greatness of our country is to speak of men and women of virtue who give of themselves for the benefit of all. And that we all build for a new tomorrow when we draw from that wellspring of virtue.

This month as we begin a new fraternal year in the Knights of Columbus, we honor our Guardians of Freedom. The freedoms we cherish come, sometimes, at a very steep cost, and our religious freedoms at even a greater cost. At our Councils, just as in our military services, we can and must uphold the Guardians of Freedom by lending our support and prayers. Our State Deputy’s logo cites “Freedom to Serve”, we serve our Order and all the nation’s Guardians of Freedom by increasing our membership with good Catholic men who will practice a life of virtue and good citizenship, and help build the domestic Church and the nation.

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