“Join a Ministry”

David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman

As the state of Texas is experiencing first hand a truly overwhelming test of ministering to one another, it is a good time to reflect on the true meaning of Christian ministry.

Simply stated, ministry is the act of serving or ministering to someone. And though ministry is generally understood as the work or vocation of a minister of religion or of a government department, the idea of Christian ministry goes much deeper. In essence it is the fulfillment of the Great Commandments to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds and our neighbors as ourselves. Christian ministry has as its purpose to bring all people to faith and to assist them to grow in Christ likeness. It’s about bringing all into a relationship with God.

We have seen in the recent past the Order’s emphasis on building the Domestic Church. And we have been instructed to start with shoring up our relationships in our families and in our local parishes. The Domestic Church expands beyond the family and local community and becomes the foundation of every community world-wide. Right now in our State community we are witnessing a call to fill and fulfill every kind of ministry imaginable. There will be a great need for a prolonged period of time. With natural disasters of unprecedented and unpredictable outcomes, the uncertainty and confusion of what to do next will tax the systems of normal civil and charitable institutions.

In keeping with our State Deputy’s monthly themes, last year in this month of September we emphasized strengthening our local parish ministries and mentioned that even most Councils are viewed as ministries within their respective parishes. This year our month starts out with devastation in southeast Texas and the fact that way too many ministries to local parishes and communities no longer exist in their previous conditions. Many parishes and Councils will have to rebuild to unknown and unspecified damage. They need your prayers and ministerial considerations. For those of you unaffected the hope is that you will continue to build the Domestic Church in your communities and strengthen all your local ministries. Your participation in local ministries insures healthy, active, and vibrant Church life and more likely than not gives your pastor a profound peace of mind.

We can be proud of the fact that many Councils and members have stepped up to their ministerial role and provided leadership, resources, time, and charitable giving to all those affected by the recent natural disasters. In a very real sense we are fulfilling the Christian ministry our Order calls for in its first principle of Charity. We can and must continue to do so and to seek out opportunities to lead others to faith and to that necessary relationship with God. If there is one thing that will draw others into our Order, it will be witnessing the good work done in faith for our fellow man. Pride in our Christian ministry at home, in our parish, in our communities, in our Councils, and in our State will bring honor and respect to the Knights of Columbus. Moreover, it will bring greater honor and glory to God.

Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey! 

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