Keep Christ in Christmas

David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman

As we prepare to celebrate the nativity of the Lord, and become more aware of His second coming as Messiah at the end of time, we should direct our attention to the care and beauty of our souls.

If we can come to the understanding that solitude is a state of being alone without being lonely, then we can truly begin to ponder the unfathomable wonder of what happened between the Annunciation and the birth of Jesus. The Annunciation is an initial reflective point. We can watch and wait with Mary as she ponders the mystery of what happened to her, and how she felt with the first signs of life in her womb. Do we understand the dignity of our souls or who may lodge within it?

Today there is an excess of visual and auditory stimulation, especially during the time before Christmas. We need a little bit of that solitude to find ourselves, as well as find others. Only after we find Jesus in ourselves, can we find Him in others. We are on a journey of joyful anticipation where Jesus, the fulfillment of prophetic promises, dwells among us. There is much to this mystery of Incarnation that we will never understand, but as our Mother Mary taught us, we can accept God’s invitation and ponder its wonders.

It is truly a joyous season all around and as the Church renews its liturgical year, it is a reminder of new beginnings and renewed relationships to strengthen our Christian resolve in faith and action. Keeping Christ in Christmas is much more than a slogan, rather it is a bold proclamation of witnessing Christian action. It is an undeniable presence of Catholic faith in action for all to see and all to want. The Hebrew people were waiting for a Messiah; their expectations for a new kingdom did not match the kingdom of God established by Jesus in the gospels. What are our expectations in society today? What is it that we want? Perhaps we are indeed looking and wanting that invitation to participate in salvation history but are unsure of where we fit in.

In those moments of solitude as we contemplate this joyous season in Church or in private prayer, we may be frightened by thoughts of evangelization, witnessing, proclaiming, domestic church, and even invitation. Yet our membership in the Knights of Columbus is all of that and so much more. We can be proud of our faith in action and how by our very presence feelings of good will are evoked and sustained. A Knights of Columbus Council may be the one Catholic lay organization recognized world-wide and appreciated by Clergy, Church, and society for its good works, contributions, leadership, and values. It is a Christ centered society that will insure Christ will be kept in Christmas.

The challenge always is to invite into our hearts and souls the presence of Christ. That further challenges us to invite all eligible men to share in our brotherhood in the Knights and invite their families into our domestic church. It is a proud heritage to fraternally share in the mystery of the Incarnation with our Brother Knights and their families. Councils can renew their relationships with their newborn King by offering the gift of membership to all who seek good will among their fellow men. And what a gift it is to be in community with fellow Knights as we celebrate the renewal of Christ in our lives and our very souls. Merry Christmas Brothers!

Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey! 

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