Let’s Take a Moment to Meditate

David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman

Since February is usually considered a month when we turn our attention to thoughts of love due to the Valentine Day influence, let’s take a moment to meditate on the words of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

She tells us: “Love is a fruit in season at all times and within the reach of every hand. Anyone may gather it and no limit is set.” In her book of daily meditations edited by Dorothy S. Hunt, there are many words of wisdom and thought provoking meditations to provide guidance to the spirit of prayer, sacrifice, and an intense inner life.

Of particular interest to all our Brother Knights and their families is this thought: “Often you see small and big wires, new and old, cheap and expensive electric cables up – they alone are useless and until the current passes through them there will be no light. The wire is you and me, the current is God. We have the power to let the current pass through us and use us to produce the light of the world or we can refuse to be used and allow the darkness to be spread. My prayer is with each of you and I pray that each one of you will be holy, and so spread God’s love everywhere you go. Let His light of truth be in every person’s life so that God can continue loving the world through you and me. Put your heart into being a bright light.”

The first principle of our Order is Charity, and if indeed we are living out our lives in the spirit of Charity and Love, we are spreading the light of God’s love everywhere we are and everywhere we go. That is something to celebrate! That is something to share and be proud of! The Knights of Columbus in Texas are truly providentially positioned to lead Knights everywhere to new and greater levels of service. We can light up our Councils, our parishes, and our families with the love of God, because we believe it, and we live it.

We are still at the beginning of a new calendar year. It’s time to revisit our Council goals. It’s time to renew our efforts to share membership in our Order; we are in the right place and with the right organization to spread the light of God’s love everywhere. We, the Knights of Columbus in Texas are best suited to enliven and strengthen our parishes, our families, and even ourselves simply by asking others to join us. Sometimes it takes asking more than once or it may even take many attempts, but we know and feel the current of life and love running through us and that the Knights of Columbus have the connection and power to let God’s love flow through us. St. Mother Teresa spoke of letting God’s light of truth be in each of us so that God could continue to love the world through each of us. The Knights of Columbus is certainly an organization whose members can do that proudly for all to see. The more of us there are, the more of the light of truth can be seen. Ask the young, ask the not so young, ask the old and even older: “Are you a Knight of Columbus? We would like you to join us!

God is doing remarkable things through us Knights, especially here in Texas. Take pride in what we are and what we do. Let’s make a difference, let’s build a force of greatness right here.

Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey!

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