New Year Resolutions

David “Reggie” R Vasquez, Visions Chairman

Did you ever put on a few pounds too many and then resolve to lose them at first opportunity? Did you ever procrastinate and put off doing something you figured you’d have plenty of time to resolve and get done?

Did you ever wish that things could just be different or at least easier? Did you tell yourself that you would get started at the New Year coming up? Well…Happy New Year! And it’s time to make and renew some meaningful resolutions!

The new calendar year always invites us to resolve to fortify our faith through the practice of charity and spiritual renewal. Our actions of the past are worthy of our observation and consideration, and then are subject to revision. For most of us, life gets complicated because we are living a seemingly multi-faceted life. There is the private personal life, the family life, the Church life, the community life, the learning life, the spiritual life, the sports life, the recreational life, the work life, the organizations and clubs life, and most recently the connected digital life. So with the coming of a New Year comes the practice and tradition of setting new goals and resolutions to try to get all those various lives under control.

And just like us individuals, organizations are in need of renewal and resolve. The interesting thing about our organization of the Knights of Columbus is that it often bridges many of those lives mentioned above. On a personal level most of us joined the Knights because this Catholic Order of fraternally unified men and their families lead the way in the practice of charity, in support of the Catholic faith, and stand in solidarity with the clergy and religious. If we as individuals see the utility and necessity of setting goals and resolutions, it follows that our organizations, our Councils should also set goals, review prior resolutions, and renew the focus and direction of where we want to go and what we want to be.

For worthy consideration at each Council and for every member is where we as members gain strength. Our strength is in our numbers and how we project and magnify the Catholic faith. Our visible presence in our parish and community has that evangelizing effect of building the Domestic Church, and making Christ’s presence felt in ways we may never even understand. Resolving to increase membership in our Order is the dynamic change necessary to continue and grow support of our Church. We as the Knights of Columbus have much to offer our local Church communities that other ministries cannot provide. Adding men and families to our membership provides us an ever increasing family of like-minded faith-filled brothers who find purpose in serving God, country, and each other.

Also worthy of consideration for each Council is how we go about setting our Charity goals. As our exemplifications suggest, Charity does not consist of monetary gifts alone, rather, acts of genuine kindness is where the essence of knighthood lies. Consider then the kind act of inviting your Catholic brothers, not yet Knights, to join us. Renew as well your plans for Charity without reservations which will serve to expand Catholic causes and identity.

Resolutions are made and just as often broken. Yet, when there is conviction of what is being resolved is right and just and has true purpose, chances are that a resolution will be adhered to and carried out. It’s time to plan anew. It’s time to strengthen our Councils and our Order, and that takes a strong and united membership. Our Order needs us, our Church needs us, our communities need us, and we need each other. Resolve today to meet these needs!  Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey!

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