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All correspondence and checks sent to the state office should be clearly identified with the council number and the person’s name and title mailing the correspondence.

Checks should be clearly marked as to what its purpose is. If the check is for payment of a Texas State Council invoice or billing, kindly return a copy of the invoice or billing so that your payment can be properly recorded.
Any changes of council officers, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses should be mailed, faxed or emailed immediately to the state office. This will insure that all state office correspondence reaches the right people.

Study the Texas State Council Star Guide. It contains a preliminary listing of the Texas State Council personnel, a description of current fraternal year programs, state council award criteria and important state council forms.

The Form 185, Report of Officers, should be completed and filed promptly by the Financial Secretary each year after election of council officers. This form is due at Supreme on July 1st. It is important that a copy of this form be mailed to the state office. The state office uses the information on the Form 185 to maintain a database of all council Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries, and it is from this database that the Texas State Council Directory is created.

Use of the Council Report Forms Booklet is important. Follow the due dates marked on each form. Two items that deserve your attention:

  • A. State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form: Each council should report their best activity in each category, and submit your entry by March 1, 2012 to the Programs Director.
  • B. Each council should file the Columbian Award Application to the Supreme Council well before the June 30th due date. Supreme Council Office: Most of your materials, equipment and visual aids are supplied by the Supreme Office. Use the supply catalog and order Form 1 to obtain these needs. The state office stocks a limited supply of some forms, but the state office is not in the position to handle requests that can be ordered directly from the Supreme Office.


Communication is important. If you have a problem or do not understand something, please make contact with your District Deputy or Diocesan Deputy. Remember that your State Office will also assist you or see that you receive assistance.


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