State Council Charities

“Charity has been at the heart of the Knights’ mission the past 132 years. Whether with funds or service, and whether quietly helping someone overcome a personal tragedy or assisting in the aftermath of a widely known humanitarian disaster, the outpouring of charity by our members produces meaningful results, especially by helping to bring peace of mind to those who find themselves in incredibly difficult situations,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson at the 2014 Supreme Convention. 

The founding principle of our Order is Charity, fraternal charity to our brothers, their families and our communities. Charity is the Love of our neighbor. Charity is the Love of God. It is a sense of responsibility for each individual member of the faithful. Each year, our Brother Knights in Texas work hard to raise money for our State Charities Program. Each council has a goal that equals $10 times the number of active members in their Council. Our State goal for this year is $944,400.00. Seventy percent of the money collected goes to the Bishop of each Diocese where the money was collected and is applied to the Bishop’s designated charity (ies). The remaining thirty percent is used by the State Charities Board to fund individual educational grants and Catholic School grants, to provide support for the Special Olympics in Texas, to provide relief from natural disasters, and to respond to requests for assistance from throughout the State. For many years Texas State Charities has provided contributions to the retired and infirm priests across our State, provided substantial support for the Catholic Archives, and supported campus ministries.

The Knights of Columbus in Texas are making a difference in our great State and we need everyone working together to raise money for the needy and other charitable causes. Please be generous in your individual charity contributions. Donations to Texas State Charities can be made online at or by mail to the Texas State Council Office. When making your contribution, please write your council number on your check and it will be credited to your Council State Charity Goal.

Please prayerfully consider making an individual contribution to Texas State Council Charities so that we may continue to serve our Lord and Church by doing Christ’s work. We must lead by example to show others our principles are not merely words but part of the life we lead each day. It is up to us to spread the work of Catholicism as we try to better our community and our world.

On behalf of the Texas State Council, thank you for your continued generosity and support.

T. Mark Evans

State Deputy 

Texas State Council Charities, Inc. is qualified under the United States Internal Revenue Code as a section 501(c)(3) charity with tax ID # (EIN) 74-1756429. Donations to State Council Charities and projects funded through it are tax deductible to the extent allowed by federal law.